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Personalized. Flexible. Reliable. Assembly machines by Optima Automation. We develop assembly and feeding solutions specifically for your products.

Areas of Application

Your product. Our solution. From Medical Products to Parts for the Electronic or Automotive Industries

Medical Products
Assembly of medical products
  • Blood collection tubes
  • Injectors
  • Syringes
  • Canulas
  • IV sets
  • etc.
Assembly, other sectors
Assembly of products from other sectors
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • etc.
Separation of individual components
Feeding and separation of individual components
Individual parts of different dimensions and materials provided as bulk material such as:
  • Canulas
  • Closures
  • Clamps
  • Gasket rings
  • Containers

Machine Solutions

Your Assembly Job. Our Solution.

Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of customized machine solutions, for example assembling your blood collection tubes or your injectors. You can rely on us as your expert partner for carrying out numerous assembly tasks, because we use many different platforms and can integrate a wide variety of processes on your request. In order to assemble your product to the highest possible levels of quality, we incorporate the latest developments and technologies.

Assembly of blood collection tubes

  • Fully automated entire solution
  • Modular construction
  • Additional proccesses can be added

Assembly of caps for blood collection tubes

  • Compact, linear design
  • Fully automated assembly and inspection
  • Add-on to the BCT-200

Assembly of pen-injectors

  • Assembly of different pen-injectors on one machine
  • Scalable machine platform
  • 360° labeling
  • Assembly by latching or gluing

Assembly of auto-injectors

  • Assembly of different auto-injectors on one machine
  • Scalable machine platform
  • Inspection of the needle and needle guard prior to assembly
  • Options for assembling additional injector safety features

Platforms and Processes

From Feeder Technology, Rotary Transfer Machines and Oval Lines to Linear Systems

Feeding and separation
Variety of vibrating and linear conveyors available for feeding and separation
Indexing tables
Compact design based on the indexing tables for high volumes and accuracy
Oval lines
Flexible, modular product assembly arrangement by the help of oval lines
Linear System
Comprehensive, complex assembly processes integrated into our linear systems
We integrate multiple processes into our platforms to create the perfect solution for your product assembly. This always centers on the inspection and monitoring of the core processes. We are also pleased to provide you with assistance during your production phase: The line management software Optima has developed is used to assess the performance of plants and the potential accumulation of defects. Potential areas for improvement are also identified.
Process icons EN
We integrate all the processes required into your assembly line, from infeed to final packaging. Many additional processes other than listed can be integrated.

Qualification & Validation

An Eye on Your Needs at all Times

Our core expertise is in well-designed, proven systems, enhanced with new ideas for feeding and assembly technology. Optima Automation machines and systems are optimally adapted for the customer in a pre-qualification phase. To do this, we create a product-specific risk analysis right from the design phase. As an option, we can provide clearly structured qualification documentation to suit the needs of specific customer requirements.
We guarantee:
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Full transparency over the entire course of the project
  • Rapid implementation and product modifications
"We meet our customers' requirements with our modular, flexible machine solutions, along with innovative products for the digital capture of our processes. Qualification is an integral part of project management."
M. Becher, Managing Director


Customer Satisfaction is our Primary Goal

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Should you have any questions about your machine, our service team will be glad to help you with information and useful tips.

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Trade Shows

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Trade Show / Event
Country / City

Compamed 2020
Life ScienceAutomation

Hall 8a,
Booth J12
11/16/20 - 11/19/20
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P-MEC India 2020

Hall 11,
Booth B19
11/25/20 - 11/27/20
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Pharmapack 2021

Hall 7.2,
Booth C34
1/27/21 - 1/28/21
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OPTIMA automation GmbH plans and builds automation systems. In particular it builds automatic automation systems based on the rotary transfer principle, as well as automation transfer lines. Pen and auto-injectors, IV sets, syringes, cannulas, blood collection tubes, bone cement sets, and many other medical consumables can be assembled in this way. The company’s portfolio is topped off by its own feeding systems. Well-known companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries make up its global customer base. Optima Automation is a subsidiary of Optima Group and complements its portfolio in numerous areas of application. Over 50 employees contribute to Optima Automation’s success. The company’s head office is in Fellbach.