OPTIMA 4SS Enhanced

Packaged in top form: advanced technology for complex wound dressings

The OPTIMA 4SS Enhanced packs wound dressings into pouches with high flexibility and without format parts. And it does so at an output of up to 250 products per minute. Customers have appreciated the OPTIMA 4SS machine platform for years as reliable and robust. It stands for reliable processes and high quality. With the 4SS Enhanced, Optima is now raising the bar even higher. We asked: What customer requirements does the optimized 4-side sealing pouch machine meet? What are the most important advantages and special features?

"Thanks to the back-plate design, the individual modules of the machine are now freely accessible. This simplifies cleaning and speeds up the replacement of wear parts. Another advantage is that the fully-fledged stand-alone system can be seamlessly integrated into a converting line - even retrofitted," says Stefan Bauer, Sales Director OPTIMA life science GmbH, about the new machine system adapted to customer needs. In addition to improved accessibility and ergonomics, the 4SS Enhanced is extremely flexible.

Important for you
  1. optimized design for ideal accessibility
  2. web tension and sealing pressure adjustable on the HMI
  3. controls and monitors according to preset sealing parameters 
  4. print systems with print verification
  5. manual or automatic product feeding possible
  6. stand-alone machine or integrated in converting line
  7. camera for inspection of various quality features 
  8. fast format changeover without format parts
  9. access for remote maintenance (remote access)
  10. easily replaceable wear parts, spare parts and electrical components
Flexible in any direction

Whether post-op dressings, advanced wound care dressings, foam dressings or transdermal dressings, the line packs medical and pharmaceutical products such as wound dressings in a wide variety of pouch sizes - without the need to exchange format parts. This means fast setup times and format changes, making the line the ideal choice for frequently varying format sizes. Compared to a plate sealing machine such as the OPTIMA CPS, the system can process pouches of above-average length. The permanently monitored and regulated web tension and web edge control also contribute to the highest process reliability and product quality.

The 4SS Enhanced is also versatile in terms of the types of sealing edge closures possible: Depending on the equipment, it can handle wave and chevron sealing as well as simple sealing seams with and without flaps.

The machine concept with its frames and doors is well thought-out down to the last detail. On the one hand, it provides an insight into the ongoing production process. Above all, however, it simplifies access to the individual modules of the plant. Do you need to clean a section or replace a spare part? Then it's simply a case of "open the door" - there's no need to dismantle local wear and tear: thanks to fully sliding folding doors, the machine is fully accessible.

The products to be packaged can be fed either manually or automatically. Optionally, a changeover between manual and automated loading can be realized.

For Stefan Bauer, scalability is also an important argument: "If a customer has bought the machine as a stand-alone solution and later wants to switch to an automated system, he doesn't have to buy a new packaging machine. He can fully integrate the 4SS into a converting line. This gives him a complete line with uniform operation and consistent design." The 4SS is therefore also frequently considered by customers looking for a combination line - especially when fast changeovers between varying bag sizes are required.

Short delivery time thanks to standard platform

The back-plate design not only proves advantageous in operation, but also contributes to fast availability. The modular machine is based on a standard design that is quickly available. The standardized basic machine can be customized and delivered within a very short time. Of course, with a GMP, CE, FDA and cleanroom ISO 8 compliant system like the 4SS, validation and qualification also play a crucial role during commissioning. With the help of digital engineering, qualification measures and an integrated Factory Acceptance Test (iFAT) prior to delivery, Optima customers save a lot of time and shorten the time-to-market.

OPTIMA 4SS Enhanced
In addition to state-of-the-art technology, the 4SS offers improved accessibility and fast format changes.
Stefan Bauer
Stefan Bauer, Sales Director OPTIMA life science GmbH

The fully-fledged stand-alone system can be seamlessly integrated into a converting line - even retrofitted.

Stefan Bauer, Sales Director OPTIMA life science GmbH
Man standing at a control panel
Digital technologies and smart services have been integrated into the 4SS Enhanced to make it even more powerful and secure.
Digital services ensure safety

Digital technologies and Smart Services have been integrated into the 4SS Enhanced to make it even more powerful and reliable. Automatic data acquisition via Optima's pre-installed Process Management System OPAL provides valuable key figures and analyses on production. In addition to calculating the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) value, standard evaluations are provided to support further production optimization, for example. In addition, both recipe and user management are realized via the OPAL software. Thus, productivity, profitability and overall effectiveness of production equipment can be determined, monitored and improved. Remote service access enables monitoring and maintenance of the machine from a distance.

Whereas the sealing pressure was set mechanically on earlier models, it can now be set directly on the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for longitudinal sealing - for precise and user-friendly adjustment. All relevant sealing parameters can be controlled via the HMI. The machine regulates the sealing temperature according to the web speed. In practice, this means a gain in product safety and quality. Recipe changeover is also possible directly on the HMI, which saves time and avoids errors.

A machine protection concept with interlock ensures maximum safety during operation. What does that mean in concrete terms? If one of the doors in the system is opened during ongoing production, it stops immediately.
On request, customers can obtain the 4-side sealed pouch machine with further equipment options, including a product-in-seal check. Optima also offers further quality checks for print control. With the appropriate equipment, for example, the presence and quality of an imprint or its content can be checked, read and stored for compliance with the Medical Device Regulation.

Packing non-stop

Secure packaging of wound dressings on the conveyor belt - Optima has been an experienced partner for this for many years. The 4SS Enhanced high-speed rotary line shows how flexible and user-friendly design can take the safe packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products to a new level of performance.

Do you have questions about 4SS Enhanced or a project you'd like to talk to us about?

Two men in front of a hidden machine
Experience the new OPTIMA 4SS Enhanced live at the COMPAMED. Our experts Marcel Dröden and Stefan Bauer look forward to welcoming you at our booth.
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