Terms of use for the Press area of OPTIMA packaging group GmbH

The press area gives users the possibility to search for information concerning Optima according to the following terms of use.


1. Copyright

Copyright OPTIMA packaging group GmbH. All rights reserved. All texts, pictures, drawings, audio-, video- and animations as well as media arrangements are protected by copyright and all other applicable laws of intellectual property. 
All provided Information and materials, e.g. text, picture, audio or video files, as well as their arrangements, are for information purposes only or in case of use by reporters or other personnel of the media for the purpose of editorial coverage and are not for commercial use, for e.g. advertising or other commercial use. It is prohibited to transfer materials to third parties, to copy or edit files or to use text, picture, audio or video files on other websites, for other purposes than editorial coverage. 

2. Services

Picture, audio or video files, which are provided to reporters and personnel of the media, may only be used with a reference to the source they were provided by. 
As far as materials contain details to machines, this data refers to the German market only. Modifications to design and/ or prices are reserved. Any statements concerning prices or legal and tax regulations and consequences are for the German market only. 
Optima’s press area contains information about the future development of the company. Some information may contain the views of our Management. As a machine building company, which operates on an international level, OPTIMA packaging group GmbH is depending on the economic climate in regional markets. OPTIMA packaging group GmbH can therefor take no responsibility for any statements concerning future developments. 

3. Warranty

All content of the Press area of the OPTIMA packaging group GmbH have been researched and put together with the utmost care, however mistakes and inaccuracies may occur. OPTIMA packaging group GmbH does not guarantee for any performance, which resulted from the use of the content, being correct, up to date or complete or the quality of the content corresponding to your wishes and requirements. Additionally, all implicit warranties and guaranties concerning merchantability, the use for special purpose or the non-violation against laws or patents are excluded. 

4. Liability

OPTIMA packaging group GmbH is liable for intent, gross negligence, or if the German Product Liability Act applies as well as for expressly given warranties. Concerning slight negligence OPTIMA packaging group GmbH is only liable if a major obligation was violated, provided however that such liability is limited to the foreseeable damage. 
The press area contains Links to other websites, which are operated by third parties. OPTIMA packaging group GmbH considers their content not as its own nor does it take responsibility for any such content. 

5. License

Optima wants to provide you with innovative and informative content. We hope that you enjoy our creative design. However, we ask for your understanding that OPTIMA packaging group GmbH has to protect its intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and copyright. With the use of the press area we therefore do not grant any licenses of any kind. 

6. Applicable law

Regarding the use of the press area as well as these terms of use the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. 

7. Place of jurisdiction

For all disputes because of or in context with these terms of use or the use of the press area, the respective courts of Schwäbisch Hall have jurisdiction.

8.  Severability clause

If any provision of these terms of use is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the other provisions of these terms of use which can be given effect without the invalid provision, and to this end the provisions of these terms of use are severable. In lieu thereof there shall be added a provision as similar in economic sense and purpose to such illegal, invalid and unenforceable provision as may be possible and be legal, valid and enforceable.

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Denise Fiedler and Julia Völker
Denise Fiedler and Julia Völker
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