About 3,150 employees, 20 locations, one common mindset: We care for people

Optima solutions make a valuable contribution to improving health and safety and creating a better quality of life all over the world. That's what drives us – that's what we give our best for every day.
Achieving the best together
A question of attitude

In November 1922, Otto Bühler founded his "Special Factory for Automatic Precision Filling Machines" in Schwäbisch Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. More than 100 years later, Optima has become a globally successful group of companies and a technology leader for packaging machines and filling lines. A true success story about having the courage to continually break new ground – and one with many innovations and milestones. However, it also benefits from the continuity of a company now in its third generation of family ownership.

The attitude and values we are committed to at Optima have scarcely changed over this long period of time. Honest, long-term partnerships, responsible and future-oriented actions as well as knowing about the power of cooperation characterize Optima's work and its collaboration with customers and partners both then and now.

In our corporate mission statement, we have defined what is particularly important to us and the attitude with which we approach each day anew as we strive to deliver the best – the optimal – solution. We are well aware that we set ourselves high standards that we have to live up to time and again. And these standards constantly remind us that the status quo is merely the jumping-off point for the next step forward.

The goal, however, is clearly defined. We want to be the best partner for filling, packaging, and production systems for demanding products.

first Optima building in Steinbeisweg, Schwäbisch Hall
Company building Optima nonwovens
What drives us
Our mission: We care for people

Optima's solutions ensure that valuable and sensitive goods such as medicines, hygiene and medical products, food and cosmetics reach people who depend on these products every day all over the world. Safely, reliably and well-protected. Through our work, we make a valuable contribution to improving health and safety and creating a better quality of life.

That's why we do our best every single day – with great expertise, team spirit, and the commitment to solving every new challenge to the satisfaction of our customers and partners. Together we will do everything to ensure that our team is the best – even as Optima moves forward. And we will continue to offer attractive working conditions, a wide range of career development opportunities, and an atmosphere where people feel welcome.

What we measure ourselves by
Our principles

To ensure our mission is specific, we have defined four binding principles that we would like to be measured against. They guide us in our daily actions and ensure that together we can achieve our goals.

Employee with customers in assembly hall
We care for our customers

Our customers appreciate the partnership-based cooperation with Optima, our excellent industry knowledge, and our technological competence. The performance and quality of our services ensure the safety and reliability of your production.

You can count on us to listen carefully, understand your unique challenges, and work with you to find the best solution. Anyone who knows us is well aware that we bring every project to the finish line – and we do this to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

three young men talking with coffee
We care for our team

Together, we create an atmosphere where people feel welcome. Attractive working conditions and career development opportunities are every bit as important to us as team spirit, equality, and a genuine sense of cooperation.

We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit within the team and actively support personal and professional development – regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion.

Optima employee maintains a pharmaceutical machine with the help of AR glasses
We care for innovations

Beneficial innovations are our passion. Together with our customers, we are continually creating solutions that are ahead of their time – for the benefit of our customers and future progress.

Our technologies are the standard in our target industries. The focus is always on tangible added value for our customers. We are at the forefront when it comes to new ideas and new technologies. We set trends.

Man standing on a roof, looking into the distance
We care for tomorrow

Meeting the challenges of the future with curiosity and courage is hard-wired into our DNA. When we think about tomorrow, it means creating sustainable solutions that are in sync with society and nature.

We think and act for the long term. We focus on sustainable technologies 
and the circular economy. Although we are happy about everything we have already achieved so far, we are still far from being complacent. We are continually developing ourselves and our fields of activity.

What we stand for – the way we are
Our values

At Optima, collaboration and relationships with our customers and partners are shaped by our shared understanding of values. These values are firmly anchored in the company and give us direction. Our actions are guided by these values.

We are reliable

We deliver what we promise.

We are human

We treat others with tolerance and appreciation.

We are committed

We all pitch in with full dedication and deep passion.

We work in partnership

We approach customers and partners as equals. In our teams, we rely on the strength of cooperation.

We are solution oriented

We fully concentrate our efforts on finding the best possible solution. We are open, flexible, and constructive.

Mission, principles and values
Code of Conduct

We as Optima understand our mission, principles and values as a motivation to give our best every day. Based on a clear attitude: We care for people.  This attitude, which is derived from our corporate mission statement, must be consistent with applicable legal framework conditions as well as a responsible ethical basic understanding. Our Code of Conduct defines the necessary framework conditions. They provide every employee an important orientation and help us to stay on the right track together.

Status 11/2023

Code of Conduct
Mission, principles and values
Students group workshop team meetingStudents group workshop team meeting
Join the best team – your career at OPTIMA

There are many good reasons to join us. For example, a stable professional future in a family-owned company with the performance strength of a corporate Group. Or demanding, exciting tasks with a high degree of personal responsibility, above-average salaries, profit-sharing, flexible working hours, and individual part-time solutions.

And last but certainly not least, we offer team spirit, esteem, and genuine togetherness. In short, an atmosphere where people feel welcome. Are you ready to grow with us?

Working at Optima
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