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Founded in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, in 1922, the Optima Group is regarded as one of the world's leading companies in filling and packaging technology and as a technology leader in the dosing, filling, and packaging of sophisticated products – from liquid to solid.

Around 3.150 employees develop, manufacture, and supply pioneering solutions, systems, technologies, and services for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, hygiene products, and consumer goods, as well as other demanding sectors and applications. The targeted and, above all, beneficial use of digital technologies opens up distinct competitive advantages for our customers.

We are also focusing on sustainability by using a holistic strategy that consistently includes all aspects of our actions. This strategy is fully in line with the overarching corporate mission: We care for people.

This approach includes taking social responsibility and showing special appreciation for our employees, who are given the best opportunities to realize their personal potential at Optima.

Dynamism, agility, and stability of a third-generation family business combined with the performance power of an internationally successful group: That is us. We are Optima.

We are shaping the future now. Day after day.
Hans Bühler, Managing Director/CEO of Optima packaging group
Hans Bühler, Managing Partner, OPTIMA packaging group GmbH

Our solutions make a valuable contribution to better health, greater safety, and a higher quality of life. To achieve this, Optima employees around the world give their best every day.

Hans Bühler, Managing Partner, OPTIMA packaging group GmbH
> 620 Mio. €
annual sales in the Group
> 3,150
total care service
Powerful combination: Expert know-how and Group power

At Optima, you benefit from the in-depth industry knowledge of our experts in each business unit. They understand exactly what makes you tick and develop the right solution for you based on tried-and-tested platforms. On the other hand, you as a customer have access to the combined performance capabilities and resources of a powerful, dynamically growing corporate group. With > 20 locations worldwide and a service network that is optimally positioned internationally, and effectively supported by central services, whether in purchasing, logistics or spare parts service.

Exploiting synergies, tapping potential

Every industry and application has its own specific challenges.
Nonetheless, the permanent quest for the best solution repeatedly leads to innovative ideas that can be groundbreaking in other areas as well. Ongoing knowledge transfer within the group is therefore a way for us to push the boundaries of what is possible time and time again. Diverse competencies, one common goal: your success.

At the heart of society – and in the thick of things

We care about people: What drives us as a company every day is also expressed in the way we perceive and live out our social responsibility. Many small and large initiatives have received and continue to receive our support, including in the social, scientific, and athletic fields. Here are three examples:

Doctors without Borders

We have been supporting Doctors without Borders for many years. The organization's goal is to provide medical assistance to people in need, regardless of their ethnic background, religious, or political beliefs, while also raising public awareness of their situation.

Logo partner company Doctors Without Borders
Robotics AG Realschule group of children

Robotics AG

We have been cooperating with schools in the region since 2012. The main goal is to encourage the next generation and young talent to pursue technical vocational training at an early stage, which is very important due to the shortage of skilled workers. In Robotics AG, versatile and complex topics are taught in a playful way.

Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

We enthusiastically support the Unicorns, a team founded in 1983 as a branch of the TSG Schwäbisch Hall e. V. sports club and one of the most successful German football teams. The Unicorns play their home games at Optima Sportpark football field – a token of a lasting bond.

Schwaebisch-Hall Unicorns vs. Ravensburg-Razorbcks
Together we can bring about more

Listen to each other, create new inspiration for each other and use the strength of a network. At Optima, we have always seen cooperation as enrichment and know where our own strengths lie as well as our limits. Three network partners are presented here as examples:

Packaging Valley Germany e. V.

Packaging Valley is a network of around 100 companies and nearly 30,000 employees – including manufacturers of packaging equipment and packaging machines, providers of software and automation solutions, manufacturers of components, providers of services related to the packaging industry and public institutions. The head of the association is Sabine Gauger from Optima.

Packaging Valley booth visitors
Three person in suit sitting in front of machine QESAR purchasing association


The worldwide network of market-leading specialty machinery and system manufacturers and their suppliers has been operating for 20 years – and Optima has been involved from the very beginning. The founders, Jochen Latz and Hans Bühler, have known each other for a long time. There have often been points of contact on a professional basis, too. That is how the idea for Qesar came about. The network has now grown substantially.

Hohenlohe Plus e. V.

The Hohenlohe Plus association aims to attract the best skilled workers to the region and keep them in Hohenlohe. The members join forces and present Hohenlohe to the public for what it is: one of the most attractive regions in Germany with an outstanding quality of life and the best career prospects.

Two people in suit shaking hands
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