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Filling systems for liquid, pasty and powdery substances require a special type of Packaging Machines, used in a verity of industries. For example, in the food industry, filling systems are used for filling cans, tubes, boxes, bottles, and similar containers. Filling machines are also utilized in the pharmaceutical industry to fill syringes, vials, small bottles, and capsules. The cosmetics and chemical industries benefit from filling machines with a precise dosage of powders, creams, and lotions in different types of containers.

Filling technologies used for packaging liquids and powders are subject to a broad range of requirements and regulations; from strict hygiene conditions and high precision requirements for filling and dosing in the pharmaceutical sector to diverse types of containers used in the food industry, such as coffee capsules, to the handling of toxic chemicals or flammable liquids.

To comply with technical and legal requirements of each application, filling systems must be individually customized based on the needs of each client. When you request a solution for a filling or dosing system, Optima examines all of the technical details and conditions based on your needs and develops the perfect filling machines in a team effort with you. The solution may include semi-automatic or fully automatic filling machines for liquid or powdery substances.

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The right dosing device plays a critical role in the filling of chemical products. Optima provides filling machines for chemical products that offer the highest level of protection for extreme products and accurate filling of liquid and dry chemicals. It's good to note that existing Optima filling machines can be upgraded with innovative dosing solutions at any time.

Optima offers perfect filling machines for automatic or semi-automatic dosing and filling of almost any liquid. Optima filling machines fill nearly every type of liquid and pasty liquid such as pesticides, fertilizers, detergents, cleaning agents, care products, additives, motor oils, transmission fluids, and lubricants with milliliter precision. Our filling machines are also capable of filling bottles, PET bottles, vials, glasses, jars or similar containers of any size and shape. The filling systems are capable of providing labels or sleeves to the containers.

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Optima is the global supplier of high-quality bottling lines, and develops the most reliable equipment for efficient dosing and filling to be used by bottlers, manufacturers, and companies in numerous industries. Our filling machines support a wide variety of filler materials, types of liquids and containers; pasty, lumpy, and powdery products in cans, barrels, glasses, plastic containers, bottles, jerrycans, bags, capsules or any other container, both for sale and storage.

Liquid filling machines in the food industry are subject to new challenges every day and have to meet new requirements for liquid and powdery foods and luxury food products. Optima Consumer is your best choice as a professional bottling system manufacturer for packaging machines and filling lines with the efficient, automated and flexible filling of different containers.

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The bottling of cosmetic products is highly dependent on the conditions of the product, and bottling systems must meet a variety of requirements.

Whether it is perfume, cream, gel, powder or other types of cosmetic products, Optima Consumer's filling and sealing machines mastered the process; thanks to a broad range of machines.

Especially in the consumer sector, dealing with a wide range of packaging specification presents a distinct challenge. Optima filling machines benefit from the innovative design and technical knowledge of their designers. Dosing, filling, and sealing of decorative cosmetics, mascara, make-up, hair care products, shampoo and hair gel, perfumes, dental care or body creams and lotions. Machines made by Optima meet every requirement efficiently, accurately, and reliably.

The variety of cosmetic products requires a special variability in filling systems regarding the processing of the respective substance, the type of packaging, and its closure. Innovative technologies and continuous focus on development make Optima the perfect choice to handle the dynamic nature of the cosmetics industry. We provide efficient filling and closing lines as single product lines of turn-key projects. As an example, containers made of glass, plastic/PET, cardboard or foil can be packaged quickly and easily with cosmetic products.

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Optima offers an innovative range of machines to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry, including sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical filling equipment. When combined with intelligent process equipment, downtime in the filling of disposable syringes, vials, infusion bottles, and cartridges with sterile liquids or powders are reduced considerably, and the process becomes more efficient. Smart filling and packaging processes also reduce product losses significantly.
OPTIMA bottling systems for sterile liquids and powders in the pharmaceutical industry:

- Reliable operation and high protection of products
- Compliance with the highest quality standards when processing sterile pharmaceutical substances
- Process safety at all levels
- Isolators and Freeze Dryers as a perfect match

In the non-sterile, milliliter-accurate filling of liquid and powdery pharmaceuticals, Optima equipment is the tool of choice for companies all over the world. Whether you require monoblock machines or complete packaging lines, Optima perfectly meets a variety of requirements in the pharmaceutical sector. Our product range includes highly individualized solutions in GMP-compliant manufacturing (Good Manufacturing Practices) and a diverse program for cleaning, filling and closing or assembly packaging.

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