Entry-level machines for the Asian paper hygiene market

Growing needs in Asia

Optima offers a highly flexible machine platform for packaging paper hygiene products, starting with entry-level versions and specially designed for the Asian market. The latest version of this series – the OPTIMA FS1 – was exclusively developed for feminine hygiene products. A unique aspect of the machine platform is that entry-level models can initially run semi-automatically and later be upgraded to fully automatic systems.

The flexible expansion options for these packaging machines were developed specifically to serve the growing needs of Asian paper hygiene manufacturers. The newest member of this product family, the OPTIMA FS1, is used to package feminine hygiene products. The OPTIMA FS1 can handle a maximum of 1,000 products per minute in the infeed and outputs up to 100 packs per minute. Additional features include high-quality packaging and all-round format flexibility. The OPTIMA FS1 machine has a sturdy design and is a very cost-effective investment.

Important for you
  • The needs of the emerging paper hygiene producers in Asia require specific machine designs that Optima offers.
  • The OPTIMA FS1, as the newest addition to the machine platform, covers the packaging of feminine hygiene products.
  • Starting with just a basic closing machine, the fully-automated systems can be expanded with integrated packaging and stacking functions.
  • The service provided by Optima in Asia is well-proven: Fast availability and technical backup with German experts included.
  • Further development: The machine platform for Asia is continuously being expanded.
The new OPTIMA FS1 can accept up to 1,000 products per minute in the infeed.
Machine Bag Infeed Conveyor
Another representative of the Optima family of machines for Asia is the OPTIMA Lophura. The first expansion level involves a basic closing machine for baby diaper packaging. Expansions are available for this at any time.
Family history with an eye on the future

The OPTIMA FS1 is just a part of an extensive family of machines for nonwoven products developed exclusively for the Asian market. The first model was the OPTIMA DS1, introduced in 2018, for packaging baby diapers. This machine has proven itself time and again, and has been in use for many years in numerous companies in Asia. Models such as the OPTIMA Lophura and the OPTIMA Good can be used very flexibly and are easy to upgrade. Companies can start with a basic closing machine, then integrate an automated bag filling function and product stacking function into the overall process. This means that the user has the fully automated OPTIMA DS1 system after they have completed the final upgrade phase. Additional versions are available, like the OPTIMA Midnight which is ideal for packaging products such as ​​​​​​​adult diapers. Today there are models for packaging baby diapers, adult diapers, and feminine hygiene products in the product family. All machine models are distinguished by their sturdiness, low investment costs, and very high packaging quality. This mix of impressive “sure-fire” characteristics adapted especially for the Asian market is a success story that Optima will continue to build on.

Service without borders

Services which must be available quickly when needed are also critical for the success of the machines. Optima takes into account the great significance of the Asian market, with employee teams made up of local and international experts at the Chinese location and other Optima subsidiaries in Asia. This is also reflected in the fact that the largest field service team currently active for the Optima Group is based at Optima China in Shanghai. In addition, native Chinese speakers also fluent in English or German work in the corporate headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall, the “hub” for the nonwovens experts. If a technical issue arises that cannot be clarified locally in Asia, this ensures there are no language barriers in the communication with the German experts. The same Optima service organization benefits the international companies in the paper hygiene industry that produce their products on the leading high-tech systems from Optima in Asia.

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