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Packaging is an economic factor for the sales, durability and handling of a product. When a product becomes more sophisticated, packaging requirements increase in complexity. The involvement of automated packaging increases these challenges even further. For manufacturers, getting the right packaging equipment is often a problem.

OPTIMA – an international manufacturer of packaging machines

A leading manufacturer of high-performance solutions, equipment and packaging machinery for industry. OPTIMA packaging group GmbH (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany) engineers and implements packaging equipment. These are custom, turnkey solutions for customers, manufacturers and companies in the pharmaceutical, life science, consumer (food, cosmetics, chemical) and nonwoven (paper hygiene) sectors. Our 90 years of experience allow us to tailor our customer's packaging machines and packaging equipment to their exact needs. Optima's packaging equipment and systems can be seen around the globe. The engineering innovations in Optima's machinery drive the packaging industry and are well known in the trade show circuits. 
Packaging Machines from OPTIMA consumer
Turnkey System from Optima Pharma

Companies trust Optima for packaging process expertise in the following areas:

  • Consumer: The packing and processing of powdered, granulated, pasty and liquid substances and other products. Packaging machinery for the entire consumer product lifecycle, including piston filler machines, carton sealers and label applicators.
  • Pharmaceutical: Flexible packaging and filling solutions and machines for the pharma industry. Sterile and non-sterile liquids and powered products are no challenge for Optima's high speed packaging machinery.
  • Nonwoven: Packaging equipment, wrapping machines and end-of-line automation for paper hygiene products. The packaging of diapers or sanitary napkins in film bags with the help of reliable bagging machines and systems.
  • Life Science: Machines, equipment and vacuum packaging machines for the production and processing of horizontal and vertical forms, medical and pharmaceutical products. Optima's innovations include systems for coating immunoassays (ELISA kits) and modular machinery.
Packaging Machine from Optima Nonwovens

The right solution for every product

Our product portfolio includes specialized, semi-automatic, automatic and continuous packaging equipment, packaging machines, packaging solutions and vertical packaging machines. These solutions are for filling, packaging and production. In addition, we manufacture complete packaging lines and turn-key equipment.

In the field of secondary packaging, our extensive machine program wraps everything up. Compact and automatic Packaging equipment, cartoners and batch making machines complete Optima's high quality portfolio. Vertical forms, Challenging labeling and complex pack requirements are just some of the challenges Optima can solve. Due to a high degree of specialization, Optima's packaging machinery is configurable to customer requirements. Machines and packaging equipment from Optima always impress with quality, innovation and modular capabilities.

The range of packaging equipment and machines from Optima includes automation for cartoning, bagging, sealing, wrapping, weighing and vacuum processes. Virtually all packaging types can take advantage of Optima's precise and fast packaging equipment and packaging machines. Products can be processed with horizontal or vertical packaging machines. Product packaging is able to be processed across the range of packing types, from cartons to trays to other product types. Additionally, Optima's continuous innovations and know-how are well known in most verticals and in the trade show and packaging industry circuits.

High-performance packaging solutions from Optima take care of your entire production and packaging process. From dosing needs, to labelling and sealing. Your manufacturing process is in good hands. 

With Optima's knowledge, your packaging machine and equipment requirements are solved. Automate your packaging with Optima and lower labor costs and other production area expenses. 

OPTIMA life science - TDC 125

Operating worldwide


Made in Germany

High-tech machines

A range of packaging machines from OPTIMA

Expertise on many levels and applications combined – a unique offer on the market

OPTIMA pharma packaging machine for pharmaceutical products
Filling and Closing Machine OPTIMA Moduline for liquid, pasty and powdery products, product detail 3
Nonwovens - OPTIMA HS2 Stacker
"There may be mechanical engineering companies that are significantly larger, but there are very few that offer a comparable diversity of technologies."
Hans Bühler, CEO

OPTIMA Total Care

Our system for your safety

OPTIMA Total Care
Be supported throughout all stages of your work with the OPTIMA Total Care portfolio. Flexible, comprehensive and adaptable to your needs. Combined with a worldwide service network for the wide range of Optima's packaging equipment and machinery, your needs are adapted to with the uttermost care. An individual consultant will support you through the life cycle of your turnkey system. Through planning, commissioning, production and beyond. Your needs, goals, and success is our focus. 

With OPTIMA Total Care, you can be sure that your packaging machines, seal machines and equipment are implemented, serviced and cared for by the leading experts. From the start of your packaging project, through scaling of your equipment and your processes throughout your manufacturing lifecycle. With the OPTIMA Total Care program, you are also covered for any new Optima innovations in the packaging machinery field. Not only are your packaging operations set up quickly and smoothly, but they will continue to impress time and time again. 

You can rely on our expertise, know-how, market knowledge and optimized adapted service for your system. At any time and in every phase of your work with Optima.

The digitalization of packaging machines

The successful collaboration of high tech and the art of engineering: Industry 4.0.

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State-of-the-art semi-automatic or automatic packaging machines for the food, pharmaceutical, beverage industry, non-woven and life science sectors. Reliable equipment and solutions for almost every task in modern product packaging. Designed and perfected by Optima. Made in Germany. Always state of the art. Trained and motivated experts, global support and comprehensive services. We are your trusted manufacturer and supplier for now and the future.