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The OPTIMA mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometry - Maximum safety, quality and productivity

Medicines go through a lengthy and cost-intensive development and approval process. Mass spectrometers are therefore increasingly used in the pharmaceutical industry for good reason: they increase production safety by permanently checking the production environment for impurities and enabling process control. Optima Pharma offers them both as a stand-alone version for specific tests and as an integrated solution in freeze-drying systems. Retrofitting is also possible.

Maximum procedural safety through three tests in one system

Detection of silicon oil

The OPTIMA mass spectrometer can even detect traces of silicone oil inside the dryer, and so detect any contamination of the pharmaceutical product at an early stage. Lost product and the costs associated with that can thus be prevented.

Condensation on a glass surface

Humidity monitoring

The OPTIMA mass spectrometer’s high flexibility means it can also be used to monitor water vapor concentration, as well as any other gases present. This helps to increase quality control during freeze drying and performance, thus avoiding excess drying time.

Water droplet

Tightness test

A leakage test needs to be carried out after critical tests like sterilization in order to avoid contamination caused by leaks in the system. This is timeconsuming. The OPTIMA mass spectrometer makes it possible to improve detection if any silicon oil leackage.


Mobile solutions for using the mass spectrometer are tailor-made for every situation - from getting started with mass spectrometry and using it in aseptic production (MS mobile- version) to integrating the measurement data into an existing SCADA system (MS mobile-ex).


For new freeze drying systems, the most appropriate solution is the complete integration of the mass spectrometer into the freeze dryer control system. In this case, the mass spectrometer is directly integrated into the freeze dryer and is treated as an additional sensor.


Would you like to improve the safety, quality and productivity of your freeze drying system? Then you can achieve this goal with a retrofit! We can offer both mobile and integrated solutions as retrofits for existing systems, no matter who manufactured your system.

Your advantages
  • Multi-system monitoring with just a single mobile mass spectrometer
  • Maximum system availability
  • Identification of the device‘s noise ranges and the lower detection limit of the silicone oil
  • Reliable integration of your existing plant into the SCADA system
  • On-site support
  • Personal training
  • Expert maintenance

Mass spectrometry

Key Facts
Mass spectrometer
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