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Smart tools provide benefits

Gain a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with our digital solutions

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Real benefits and maximum utilization for our customers – these are the principals of our digital technology services. Intelligent Production Assistance Services (IPAS) expertly supports your production team by providing sophisticated solutions and processes that provide a complete overview of your production.

These services give you the ability to recognize areas for potential improvement - and provide access to system information and skilled support as needed. This increases the availability of your system and provides maximum efficiency.

Man explaining something to two others on the tabletMan explaining something to two others on the tablet
Manufacturing intelligence All your processes at a glance: Optimized for maximum efficiency

Smart tools ensure access to data, analytical information, and control of your entire production line. This ensures transparency and enables identification of areas for improvement – maximizing system efficiency and production availability.

cameras inside a machine
Video monitoring
Focus: Machine interior

Several cameras monitor the machine interior during production, providing the operator an unobstructed view and providing access to pictures from outside the production area. Video monitoring means fast and easy investigation of downtime sources, minimizing product loss.

  • Effective troubleshooting
  • Video recording of machine interior in case of an error
  • Overview of machine process and status, even outside the production area
  • Root cause/failure-source analysis
High-speed video monitoring
Precise monitoring of vital processes

High-speed cameras monitor key system elements, identifying causes of process deviations and downtime, preventing future failures, and ensuring maximum product utilization, as well as machine availability.

  • Recognition of process weaknesses
  • Increase of process durability
  • Support during process installation and optimization
  • Root cause/failure-source analysis
A group stands in front of a control panel on a machine
Man holding a Surface in his hands and standing in front of a machineMan holding a Surface in his hands and standing in front of a machine
Smart assistance Resume production faster after format part changes and trouble shooting

In the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, there are many challenges to overcome. Fortunately, our digital production tools are designed to assist your employees in every situation with precise step-by-step guidance. From fast and safe format part changes to failure analysis and modifications. With one goal in mind: Resuming your production as quickly as possible.

Man holding a cell phone and making a video call
Changeover assist
Your guide for a fast and safe format change over

We digitally guide your employees step-by-step through the format change process. This helps to reduce errors, increase system availability, and minimize downtimes. Choose from HMI, augmented realty glasses or tablet solutions for:

  • Guided format changes
  • Verification of correct parts 
  • Multi-user functions
  • Traceability with Audit Trail reporting
  • Optimized support during operator training
  • Smart integration of SOP-specific requirements (example: Documents, data, videos)
Agar scan
Traceable and safe change of agar plates

Gone are the days when petri dishes had to be labeled manually and inconveniently through glove ports. Thanks to Agar Scan, our digital tool, changing agar plates is completely traceable. Each step is recorded with the Integrated Audit Trail and your employees are expertly guided throughout the entire process step-by-step, significantly reducing the risk of failures.

  • No manual labeling of agar plates
  • Guiding the operators through the process 
  • Automatic data handling
  • Traceability with automated recording of all used petri dishes in the batch protocol
  • Integration of the agar plate change process in Audit Trail
One person scans a bowl
A man stands at the control panel in front of a machine
Alarm assist
Optimized support during trouble shooting

In the event of a system failure, an alarm sounds and Alarm Assist helps your machine operator to quickly locate the source of the error. Documentation for each defined alarm is available and can be accessed directly through an error list, enabling you to resume production quickly and minimizing downtime. Additionally, each alarm is individually documented and files and other media like pictures or videos can be stored.

  • Reduction of downtimes during system failure, increasing efficiency
  • Faster productivity with untrained system operators
  • Systematic troubleshooting support
  • Set-up of customized and line-specific alarm and troubleshooting data base with platform access
Others talk about digitalization. We live it.

How do Optima customers benefit from working with us as a technology leader? These real-world case studies highlight practical applications of our cutting-edge solutions.

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