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E-BEAMflex from OPTIMA

Safely decontaminate surfaces with radiation energy

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Pre-sterilized objects in tubs are becoming increasingly important in pharmaceuticals and biotech, as the process is both reliable and cost-effective. This is where the E-BEAMflex comes in: The flexible e-beam tunnel satisfies all your requirements for surface decontamination of pre-sterilized tubs. In return, it guarantees an average radiation energy of at least 25 kGy. The E-BEAMflex is qualified and validated as a unit. Its features are very impressive:

  • Leaded stainless steel housing
  • Linear, defined, non-slip transportation system
  • E-beam hardware and infrastructure
  • Venting system
  • Integrated measurement and control technology for safe operation  
Mode of operation
How the E-BEAMflex works

First, the entire e-beam tunnel is decontaminated with gaseous hydrogen peroxide H2O – either separately or together with the isolator, followed by the outside tub decontamination by means of ionizing radiation. Each tub moves to the isolator on a conveyor belt, passing through the electron cloud in the electron accelerator (e-beam).

How the E-BEAMflex meets your requirements

As a pharmaceutical or biotech manufacturer, you must protect not only the product, but also your workforce and the environment. Optima's e-beam tunnel supports you throughout the process.

  • Safe, continuous aseptic transfer of tubs to the filling line
  • Stable, low-maintenance process
  • Time savings in qualification and validation, FDA and audit compliant
Good to know
You can count on E-BEAMflex
Accommodates all common tub sizes and transparent tubs
Compact design saves floor space
100% in-house production provides flexible, custom design
Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
Radiation protection (rotary drum geometry without complex shutter sensors)
Tub monitoring also in the radiation area

Optima Pharma offers a comprehensive portfolio of filling and packaging solutions for your pharmaceutical products, including isolators and E-BEAMflex, which can be integrated into your turnkey line.

Cost-effective decontamination of all common tub sizes
Cost-effective decontamination of all common tub sizes
E-Beam tunnel
E-Beam tunnel
Conveyor system
Tubs are conveyed to the inlet section of a machine

A conveyor system transports the pre-sterilized tubs into the E-BEAMflex infeed that processes all common tub sizes.

Linear transport system
Linear flow system

The linear transport system feeds the tubs into the emitter area.

Emitter area
E-Beam Isolator Emitter Range

In the emitter area, the tubs are exposed to controlled radiation. The 120° layout of the three emitters ensures a safe surface contamination.

Linear conveyor system
Sterilized tub is transported to the discharge section

The linear conveyor system transports the sterilized tubs to the discharge. The discharge connects to the isolator's manipulation unit. The mouseholes in the infeed and discharge are fitted with pneumatically sealed stainless steel closure plates.

Technical specifications

Output: 6 tubs per min.
Number of emitters: 3 

  • Internal air treatment (no on-site AHU required)
  • Monitoring of tub position
  • Soft stop position extends the emitter's lifespan
  • Continuously guided tub transport
  • Reverse transport mode (contaminated tubs will not enter the isolator, guaranteeing that sterility is maintained)
  • Infeed and discharge drums serve as radiation shields
E-Beam Machine
Experts for isolator and biodecontamination
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Experts for isolator and biodecontamination
Experts for isolator and biodecontamination
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