OPTIMA life science - modular machine concepts

Customer-specific solutions. Flexible. Performance-oriented. Manufacturing and packaging systems used for medical and pharmaceutical products as well as in coating systems for immunoassays. For this purpose, Optima Life Science develops modular machine concepts.

Fields of Application and Solutions

Innovative production systems for the medical technology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries

Product fields Life Science
Optima Life Science, together with the customer, develops modular machine concepts as well as complete manufacturing and packaging systems for medical and pharmaceutical products such as transdermal patches, oral film strips, wound dressings or diagnostic test strips. Cutting-edge technologies are applied during the development of ImmuCoat production systems for immunoassays such as the ELISA Kits. In doing so, this ensures that all processes like coating, incubation, drying and packaging microtiter plates are possible.
"Close collaboration with our customers for high-quality solutions is the basis for ensuring mutual success."
Jürgen Schäfer, Vice President Sales​​​​​​​

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Compamed 2019
Life ScienceAutomation

11/18/19 - 11/21/19
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Life Science

Hall 1,
Booth B17
11/18/19 - 11/21/19
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OPTIMA life science

Unsurpassed flexibility for medical and pharmaceutical products

Optima Life Science offers flexible manufacturing and packaging processes, for fields as diverse as wound dressings, transdermal patches, diagnostic test strips and immunoassays (ELISA test kits). Optima Life Science combines its two areas of core expertise, web processing technologies and liquid coatings, with modular functionality. The result? “Plug & play” systems that can be conveniently configured by the customer.
The lines can be modified in terms of functional scope, process flows and even greater output if desired. Furthermore, the functional diversity offered by Optima Life Science allows freedom to design new products. The division’s quality of engineering and the quick response times of its professional international service departments mean outstanding long-term equipment effectiveness for the customer.

OPTIMA life science GmbH is a member of the OPTIMA packaging group GmbH with headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall. Other subsidiaries operate in the fields Pharma, Consumer and Nonwovens. Founded in 1922, the family business employs a workforce of 2,400 at its sites in Germany and 19 locations abroad.