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Modular Freeze-Drying Systems with individual Customization – these are the Freeze-Drying Systems available from OPTIMA pharma

Skills and Expertise

Our Skills throughout the Entire Process Chain

Machine Types 
Machine Types
Optima Pharma develops freeze-drying solutions for the mass production of pharmaceutical products, as well as for the diagnostics and laboratory sectors.

Loading and Unloading Systems
Loading and Unloading Systems
There are loading and unloading systems to complement your freeze dryer. Manually supported as well as semi-automated and fully automated solutions are available.

SCADA Systems, Visualization
SCADA Systems, Visualization
Highly individual software modules based on the Siemens PCS7 and Rockwell FactoryTalk will put your plant at the cutting edge of technology.

Green Technology
Our many years' experience ensures that you get the most suitable, reliable, and trouble-free process technology for your specific needs.


Areas of Application
Optima Pharma's freeze-drying systems are used in the biotech industry, among others. Vaccines and active pharmaceutical ingredients can be stored for longer.  
High Potent
​​​​​​​Highly potent active ingredients make very particular demands on Fill & Finish technology and on freeze-drying. Our recipe for success is our comprehensive consulting, design, and implementation process. 
Blood Plasma
55 percent of the companies that process blood plasma are Optima Pharma customers. Our four principles also apply to freeze-drying: Minimization of product loss, process stability, productivity, and flexibility as well as a safe, aseptic process.
The diagnostics focus on highly sensitive solutions and suspensions. Here, we concentrate on the specific requirements of manufacturers in two areas: firstly, applications in human and veterinary diagnostics, and secondly, life science research. 

Machine Types

The ideal Freeze-Drying System for every Production Infrastructure

Compact and Flexible
Freeze Drying Solution Machine LYO C
Small Batches Freeze-Dried
Freeze Drying Solution Machine LYO CS
Freeze-Drying large
Quantities Safely
Freeze Drying Solution Machine LYO S
Suitable for Functional Floor Separation
Freeze Drying Solution Machine LYO D
Comparison of System Types
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Loading and Unloading Systems

Innovative, Future-Oriented Solutions - Tailor-made for your Customized Application

Our loading and unloading systems are tailor-made to meet your needs and requirements, and they are designed to take into account the capacity and number of freeze dryers and production conditions. Our portfolio ranges from manual solutions to robot-controlled systems. Automatic loading and unloading systems improve your process reliability, save time, and boost productivity.
Row-by-Row System
Loading and Unloading Systems
Loading and unloading is done row-by-row. Feeding objects and assembling rows is performed with a certain number of objects (depending on the plate width and the diameter of the objects). These are then fully slid into the freeze dryer. In the unloading process, each row is again separated and transferred to the downstream machines.
Frame Loading
Frame Loading
The objects are packed into individual batches and placed into frames. The vial packages in the frames can then be loaded and unloaded. After the unloading process, the frames are removed, the vial packages are unloaded and the objects are fed into the downstream machines.


SCADA Systems, Visualization

Future-Proofing thanks to Virtualization

Our SCADA solutions enable you to network your production with different IT architectures. As your partner in automation, we know your processes in detail, all the way from formulation development to the needs of the plant operators and service experts. That is why Optima's high-tech production plants are equipped with SCADA and HMI solutions that are perfectly adapted to suit your production processes and are easy to operate.
We develop solutions in close cooperation with you, whether they are for freeze dryers or as a fully integrated automation or process solution for turnkey plants that are installed worldwide. Our SCADA systems can be extended and upgraded at any time by virtualization at the outset, avoiding technology disruptions and the need for completely new project planning.


Modular Freeze-Drying Systems combined with individual Customization 

High Potent

High Potent
Processing highly potent active substances requires special measures. Optima Pharma has created a comprehensive, end-to-end process for this.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
Process Analytical
Technology (PAT)
Quality assurance is part of the process of continuous improvement. Our PAT tools, including mass spectrometers, provide continuous real-time quality assurance.

Process Optimization

Process Optimization
We use our extensive process knowledge to make freeze drying faster, safer, more efficient, and compatible with every requirement.

Green Technology
Optima Pharma uses modern, environmentally friendly refrigerants, as well as natural substances such as liquid nitrogen (LN2), air, and combustible gases. After carrying out a financial analysis, the best choice can always be defined.

OPTIMA Total Care

A strong Life Cycle Management Program for successful Production

OPTIMA Total Care
The packaging processes of the future will become more efficient, digitally networked, and more complex. We can help you in these areas. At Optima, personal and individual customer care is a top priority. Choose the best support from our comprehensive OPTIMA Total Care portfolio to achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

Our consultants and experts will be on hand to support you – at any time, throughout your plant's entire life cycle. We always keep an eye on your needs, aims and success. You can rely on us.

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Things worth knowing about Freeze-Drying

Information on the Lyophilization Process

Freeze-drying is a process where the product is first deep-frozen and then dried at a low temperature by removing the water contained in it in the form of ice, using a special vacuum process. At low temperatures, the ice crystals within the product change from a solid state directly into a gaseous state, without first becoming liquid. It has the advantage that when drying at low temperatures, ice has sufficiently high vapor pressure to pass directly from the frozen to a gaseous state. This means that high-quality and sensitive products can be dried in a particularly gentle way, allowing their structure and texture to remain intact.

Discover the fascinating technology of our LYO-CS freeze dryer, which allows small batches to be freeze-dried cost-effectively. In the video animation, you can see what makes the system so flexible. What characterizes the LYO-CS is its minimal footprint, fast commissioning, and high levels of flexibility.