Filling- and Closing Machine OPTIMA VFVM

Vials, Injection and Infusion Bottles

A fully automatic filling and closing machine to process vials and infusion bottles ranging in size from 0.1 ml to 500 ml with an output up to 30,000 containers/h depending on product viscosity and fill volume. Advantages of the rake transport system versus the alternative system for machines with a medium output include: The vials and infusion bottles are not processed or filled in a star wheel or on a conveyor belt.

Easy access to the individual station because of the narrow machine design. The vials/infusion bottles are continuously secured and centered during transport, ensuring that the vials or infusion bottles will not topple over or interchange. The linear transport system permits better accessibility for the cleaning and monitoring of processes. The absence of a transport star wheel allows for the faster and safer change of parts. It is possible to fill vaccines and medications for COVID19 that are administered
Output: 2,700 Pieces/h to 30,000 Pieces/h
Filling stations: 4 -laned to 10 -laned
Processing range: min. 2 R
Processing range: max. 500 IL
  • Fully-automatic
  • 100% In-Process-Control (100% IPC)
  • Aseptic fields of application
  • Gently objective handling
  • Disposable product path optional
  • Dosing system: Mass flow with CIP/ SIP optional
  • Dosing system: Rotary piston system, peristaltic pump system, time/pressure dosing system with or without CIP / SIP optional
  • Simple operation
  • Flexible adjustable filling movement
  • Intermittent operation
  • Appropriate for oRABS, cRABS and Isolator
  • Easy and fast format change
  • Very good ability to be cleaned
  • Very good accessibility
  • Transport system: Transport grippers
  • Small amount of format parts
  • Processability from watery to highly viscous products, as well as highly potent and non highly potent products
  • Pre-, fill- and post-gas flushing optional
2,700 Pieces/h to 30,000 Pieces/h
min. 2 R
Processing range
max. 500 IL
Processing range


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