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OPTIMA pharma and METALL+PLASTIC at Interphex 2020

OP_Optima Turnkey-Anlage
Optima will be presenting turnkey projects at Interphex using 360° applications. As well as filling and closing, leading freeze-drying technologies and innovative isolator technology have been integrated into the system. (Source: Optima)
Turnkey projects, systems for cell and gene therapeutics and perfect decontamination

Innovations dominate Optima's presence at Interphex 2020. The company will be providing information about complex turnkey systems and a machine solution specifically designed for cell and gene therapeutics. The specific features of the DECOpulse® decontamination process will be demonstrated by the Optima subsidiary, Metall+Plastic, using an isolator model. This cutting edge technology significantly reduces the decontamination time in isolators and achieves a particularly homogeneous distribution of H2O2.

Optima's turnkey projects for pharmaceutical products include comprehensive processes for filling and closing, isolator technology and pharmaceutical freeze-drying. At Interphex, Optima will be presenting the OPTIMA MultiUse system concept. It is specially designed for small to large batches of particularly high-value, expensive drugs. Optima provides maximum flexibility in combination with robotics and cross-interface programming.

Optima's energy-saving and highly efficient freeze drying systems are used in numerous turnkey projects, as well as in single applications. Their seamless integration is also impressive, from design all the way through to service. Optima can offer freeze drying systems for small to large batch sizes, and its product portfolio covers the entire range from laboratory systems to large scale manufacturing plants.

DECOpulse® Bio-Dekontaminationsanlage
The isolator model from Metall+Plastic showcases unique design features, and it will be on display at Interphex. It explains the DECOpulse® biodecontamination system, which offers the highest levels of pharmaceutical safety and efficiency. (Source: Metall+Plastic)
Highly efficient decontamination

Optima's turnkey plants also incorporate its subsidiary Metall+Plastic's state-of-the-art isolator technology. At the booth, the company will be presenting the specific design features and the innovative DECOpulse® decontamination process using an isolator model. DECOpulse® can vaporize H2O2 at room temperature. Together, the extremely fine atomization and particularly uniform distribution of H2O2 are real advantages in difficult isolator configurations. The greatly reduced use of H2O2 leads to huge reductions in cycle times.

New and automated: systems for cell and gene therapeutic

At Interphex, Optima will also be presenting a machine platform for manufacturing and a solution for filling new kinds of cell and gene therapeutics. Up to now, it has taken numerous manual steps to produce patient-specific drugs. Whereas the Optima system concept allows for processes to be fully automated. This also includes the automatic decontamination of all working areas using proven isolator technology. This consistent separation between the operator and the product minimizes the risk of losing the extremely high-value, expensive drugs, as well as reducing the risk to patients in particular. The entire manufacturing process sequences are automatically logged. The innovative machine platform can be adapted to suit the user's specific needs.

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Denise Fiedler and Julia Völker
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