Highest flexibility in processing different batch sizes

MultiUse solutions for pharma experts

Innovative concepts for pharma experts

Pharmaceutical companies have to react quickly and be flexible to new market requirements. With the MultiUse System, Optima created a new concept that offers the highest flexibility and efficiency to fill highly specialized and expensive products in different delivery formats. Quick and easy format changeovers and the ability to process different format sizes and containers make the MultiUse machine the ideal solution for flexible market requirements.
There are no restrictions on the container types used: vials, syringes and cartridges can be efficiently filled. Valuable time can be saved utilizing our smart format part concept. A variety of technologies incorporated into the system offer high product yields while maximizing cost efficiencies. These concepts include re-dosing, re-stoppering and re-capping functions, while maintaining 100% weight control.

MultiUse: Container Types

Key facts MultiUse solutions

Minimum space requirement

By full extension of the machine

High potent applications

Processing of highly effective substances

Minimizing product loss

Through a variety of technologies and IPC

Different primary packaging material

Processing of a variety of containers
in nest or bulk

Integrated Concept

Different containment solutions (isolator and RABs) and connection to freeze dryers

Process flexibility

With quick format change of
formats and products
"Small batch sizes and different container shapes are using flexible production lines – that is why we developed the Optima MultiUse machine."
Jürgen Rothbauer, Managing Director

Our solutions

Highest flexibility for different requirements

MultiUse L
Processing outside of the nest
MultiUse L
  • Small up to large batch sizes
  • Maximum product yield with minimum rejects
  • Processing of high potent products
  • 100% IPC for all packaging material
  • Application in R&D and laboratory and small production
MultiUse N/L
Processing in and outside of the nest
MultiUse N/L
  • Medium to large batch sizes
  • 100% IPC for vials
  • Static IPC for syringes / cartridges
  • Application in the production for maximum flexibility
MultiUse N
Processing in the nest
MultiUse N
  • Small up to large batch sizes
  • Static IPC for all packaging material
  • Processing of high potent products
  • Application in R&D and laboratory and small production


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