Production Line OPTIMA ImmuCoat®

Coating Machine for Microtiter Plates

With an ImmuCoat® Production Line from Optima Life Science you will receive a modular and scalable system for automatic coating of microtiter plates for the production of ELISA kits.

A special benefit of the ImmuCoat system is that all basic modules can be arbitrarily combined. A "Plug and Play" approach allows the easy integration of any individual module. The line simply grows and evolves according to requirement.
All stations necessary for the coating process are available: stacking modules for infeed and discharge,printing, deionisation, filling and aspiration stations, as well as fill level verification. In addition to the base modules, the system can also be equipped with special modules like incubators or a pouching unit. The platform allows parallel administration and efficient processing of an almost limitless number of product batches.

Watch the machine video here. 
  • Modularity: Quick change and addition of modules
  • Scalability: Machine can be extended from an entry level machine to a fully-automated production line
  • Service: Spare parts, online remote service, scheduled maintenance, upgrades, repairs, process optimization
  • Quality: Professional production equipment suitable for 24/7 operation
  • Documentation: Machines delivered with all significant guidelines (CE etc.)


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