Freeze Drying System LYO-CS

Economic Freeze Drying of small Batches

The Optima pharma freeze dryer CS targets maximum flexibility. It is tailored to products that are new on the market and therefore produced in small to medium size quantities. The freeze dryer CS is designed to fit into existing buildings and can be flexibly configured for an optimal production layout. Due to its compact design, the CS freeze dryer is also very economical. The installation can take place with a monobloc or a dual bloc design ensuring a safe and fast installation.
Shelves Surface: 5 m² to 20 m²
Ice Capacity: 100 kg to 600 kg
Temp. range shelves: -60 °C to 80 °C
Temp. distribution shelve: -1 °C to 1 °C
Temp. distribution shelf stack: -1.5 °C to 1.5 °C
Heating rate shelves: 1.5 °C per minute
Cooling rate shelves: 1 °C per minute
condenser temp. (compressor): min. -80 °C
condenser temp.(LN2): min. -120 °C
  • Chamber and condenser in a single housing or pressure vessel
  • Condenser left / right of the chamber
  • Integrated intermediate valve
  • Optimized for use in Optima Pharma turnkey plants
  • Pass Through - All In / All Out
  • Can be adapted and integrated into customer architecture
  • Modular system for quick and easy on-site installation
  • Option of manual or automated loading
  • Flexible configuration of peripheral systems (across floors)
  • Designed for optimal use of space
  • Single Chamber-System
  • Konfigurierbar für aseptische / nicht-aseptische Produktion
  • Flexible retrofitting for existing production plants
  • SIP: Pure steam 1.5 barg / 127°C
  • CIP: Spray lances / noozles
  • Can be configured for use with future technologies (mass spectrometer/controlled nucleation)
5 m² to 20 m²
Shelves Surface
100 kg to 600 kg
Ice Capacity

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