Freeze Drying System LYO-C

Compact and flexible

Are you looking for a versatile, space saving machine to meet all of your needs? Then the Optima freeze dryer C is the perfect machine for you. This system combines a space saving design and highest flexibility. The compact freeze dryer fits easy into a multi machine concept and is optimized for the installation into your existing machine line. The Optima freeze dryer C can be loaded manually or automatically. In addition, the model C includes a condenser inside the product chamber with an integrated intermediate valve.
Shelves Surface: 1 m² to 10 m²
Ice Capacity: 10 kg to 200 kg
Temp. range shelves: -60 °C to 80 °C
Temp. distribution shelve: -1 °C to 1 °C
Temp. distribution shelf stack: -1.5 °C to 1.5 °C
Heating rate shelves: 1.5 °C per minute
Cooling rate shelves: 1 °C per minute
condenser temp. (compressor): min. -80 °C
condenser temp.(LN2): min. -120 °C
  • Chamber and condenser in a single housing or pressure vessel
  • Integrated intermediate valve
  • Optimized for use in Optima Pharma turnkey plants
  • Pass Through - All In / All Out
  • Can be adapted and integrated into customer architecture
  • Modular system for quick and easy on-site installation
  • Option of manual or automated loading
  • Flexible configuration of peripheral systems (across floors)
  • Designed for optimal use of space
  • Single Chamber-System
  • Konfigurierbar für aseptische / nicht-aseptische Produktion
  • Flexible retrofitting for existing production plants
  • SIP: Pure steam 1.5 barg / 127°C
  • CIP: Spray lances / noozles
  • Can be configured for use with future technologies (mass spectrometer/controlled nucleation)
1 m² to 10 m²
Shelves Surface
10 kg to 200 kg
Ice Capacity

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