Filling- and Closing Machine OPTIMA VFVM

Vials, Injection and Infusion Bottles

Output: 2,700 Pieces/h to 30,000 Pieces/h
Filling stations: 4 -laned to 10 -laned
Processing range: min. 2 R
Processing range: max. 500 IL
  • Fully-automatic
  • 100% In-Process-Control (100% IPC)
  • Aseptic fields of application
  • Gently objective handling
  • Disposable product path optional
  • Dosing system: Mass flow with CIP/ SIP optional
  • Dosing system: Rotary piston system, peristaltic pump system, time/pressure dosing system with or without CIP / SIP optional
  • Simple operation
  • Flexible adjustable filling movement
  • Intermittent operation
  • Appropriate for oRABS, cRABS and Isolator
  • Easy and fast format change
  • Very good ability to be cleaned
  • Very good accessibility
  • Transport system: Transport grippers
  • Small amount of format parts
  • Processability from watery to highly viscous products, from non-toxic to toxic products
  • Pre-, fill- and post-gas flushing optional
2,700 Pieces/h to 30,000 Pieces/h
min. 2 R
Processing range
max. 500 IL
Processing range


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