A High-speed 4 Side Sealing Pouch Machine: the OPTIMA 4SS advanced

Medical, pharmaceutical or diagnostic products

This machine reaches a web speed of up to 60 m/min and can produce up to 500 pouches/min. The 4SS advanced has a back-plate design and can be fully integrated into a converting line. The format changeover is almost fully automatic and therefore very fast and easy to perform.

  • No size parts required
  • Semi-automated changeover
  • Straight, chevron, and wave-seal possible
  • Sealing parameters will be controlled and logged
  • Easy cleaning with the service position of the cross seal station outside of the machine
  • Unwinding packaging web inline or 90° to machine possible
  • Integrated control cabinet
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功率: 達 500 产品/分钟
轨道速度: 達 60 米/分钟
轨道宽度: 390 mm 或 420 mm
  • 警报管理
  • 审核跟踪功能
  • Automatic splicing for high OEE
  • Balcony design for GMP compliance
  • 批次管理
  • 文档:所有重要的指令(欧盟等)都包含在机器的供货范围中
  • 通过人机接口轻松操作
  • Fully integrated lines with stacking and cartoning
  • 易损件消耗低
  • 维护需求低
  • 集成了批量报告和故障分析
  • 模块化设计:轻松添加和调整模块
  • 性价比极高
  • 质量:用于全天候运行的专业生产设备
  • 配方控制型参数配置
  • 备件服务、在线远程关怀、定期维护、升级、修理、过程优化
  • 可轻易触及
  • 可快速更换规格
  • 通过触摸显示屏进行可视化显示
達 500 产品/分钟
達 60 米/分钟
390 mm 或 420 mm


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