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Produce skin barrier plates at a fast pace while saving materials

Stoma Care Systems from OPTIMA

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Continuously produce sophisticated stoma care products – meaning your production technology must be able to handle web processing perfectly. For this reason, we combine decades of experience and new technologies in plant construction to form continuous production processes. A permanent in-feed of all materials guarantees you maximum machine availability.

More speed, less material loss
Why you are on the right track with Optima for the production of high-quality stoma products

The production of stoma care products comes with a huge responsibility. The goal is to enable patients to live comfortably and safely. Optima manufacturing systems support you from the development through to series production – safely and efficiently.

Three criteria considered particularly important for producing skin barrier plates quickly and reliably are: Positioning, cutting accuracy and web tension control. We meet these with sophisticated system technology and extensive expertise in handling diverse materials, such as hydrocolloid, film or foam. Integrated process steps minimize your consumption of materials and your product costs.

Whether you develop ostomy products from scratch or adapt them, make use of our in-house technical center for testing to achieve the best possible results in subsequent operation.

Ostomy bag
Skin barrier plates for stomabags, including filter units, can be manufactured on Optima systems
Stoma patch
Stomapatches are multilayer products, which is why the production machines are optimally customized to the properties of individual web materials
Machine solutions for the high-speed production of stoma baseplates by OPTIMA
Step by step to the ready-packed stoma

Unwind with autosplicer

Attach web manually and stop the machine for this? Spare yourself the effort: Optima autosplicers handle the continuous supply of all common materials. The aim: nonstop converting.

Plant for printing products


Whether a logo or application note: Thanks to the integrated dual color printing systems, you can add high-quality imprints to your web material at full speed. A corona pretreatment optimizes the print image, a camera system then checks its quality.

Detail image of the OPTIMA MDC 300 advanced

Twin barrel emptying

When it comes to the twin barrel press, the system is also designed for continuous production: While one barrel empties consumable material, you prepare the second barrel. The emptying system switches over to the next barrel automatically and on time. The entire product path is heated, from the barrel emptying to the dosing nozzle or to the extruder.

Detail view of a plant with multi-head dosing unit

Dosing via multi-head dosing unit

This ensures no drops are lost: The system dispenses its valuable ingredients exactly as required. This is both sustainable and minimizes your consumption of materials and product costs. You can set the dispense mode for product quantity and geometry individually, ensuring the optimal production of the subsequent product layer. The heated and multi-head dosing system guarantees gentle handling and high machine output.

Detailed view of a plant with multi-head process module for molding products

Forming via multi-head press module

The press module continuously forms defined cookies from pre-dosed product portions – in a controlled and reproducible manner. The press parameters for each product can be stored directly in the system control. Format changes are quick and easy. This means you can consistently produce completely different formats in the highest quality.

Detail of a machine for laminating products

Web lamination

Your Optima system includes the right station for every lamination task. You handle both the lamination and delamination of several webs as well as hot lamination.

Detail view of an extruder


This station handles the extrusion and calendering of the product mass. To ensure that the material web is produced without interruption, a twin barrel emptying system feeds the extruder (inline extrusion). The highly precise calender subsequently provides the right web thickness.

Machine for cutting various materials

Cutting of the final product contour

Optima rotary cutting stations universally cut different materials such as films, foams, nonwovens or SAP (superabsorbent polymer). Thanks to zero cutting, you can make the best possible use of your material. Format changeover takes place in record time, as drawers simplify the exchange of cutting tools.

Plant sorts the products into boxes by Pick & Place

Product handling with Pick & Place

The finished stoma products are stacked fully automatically and placed in boxes for intermediate storage. The Pick & Place System ensures gentle handling.

Inspection system checks wound dressings

Product inspection

Trust is good, inspection is better: Inspection systems check every stoma product in terms of cleanliness, size, alignment and print image. Camera systems are used, which also perform control tasks. They also monitor the position of the cutting station, or even the synchronization of the dosing and compression station.

Wolfgang Pyrags
Wolfgang Pyrags, Key Account Manager, OPTIMA life science GmbH

Our systems are designed for maximum speed and minimal product loss to help you get the most out of your stoma products.

Wolfgang Pyrags, Key Account Manager, OPTIMA life science GmbH
When it comes to your high-quality stoma products, we configure the production plant fully according to your needs. Discover how your system could look, for example.
Stoma patch run through a plantStoma patch run through a plant
Material-saving high-performance system

Produce up to 120 stoma products per minute

Whether as a one-layer or two-layer hydrocolloid design: With a production plant from Optima, you combine all the relevant process steps into one machine. To ensure you get the most out of your production, we develop systems for maximum speed and minimal product loss. In parallel to this, inline inspections and audit trail functions guarantee 100% product safety.

Clever solutions for complex processes

Intelligent system technology for your stoma care

  • Combining two independently produced webs
  • Continuous dosing system
  • Continuous forming station
  • Integrated extruder
  • Minimize waste thanks to shift register sections in the machine process
Technical system data

Performance in numbers

Output: up to 120 products/minute (single-web)
Web speed: up to 16 m/minute
Web width: up to 320 mm
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