Bag Packaging Machine OPTIMA LS OS7

Packaging System for Baby Diapers and Training Pants

A new era in diaper packaging
High performance combined with high flexibility

With the OPTIMA LS OS7 packaging system, even unstable products can be easily packaged with high output and premium quality. Despite its compact design, the system has full flexibility to create your custom package. An upgrade package for dual-lane processing increases the output and provides a more stable packaging process. The system benefits from even shorter format change over times with a regular change of product thickness.
Alimentação: até 1.600 produtos/min.
Dimensões do produto (CxLxA): mín. 160 mm x 90 mm x 5 mm
Dimensões do produto (CxLxA): máx. 280 mm x 140 mm x 30 mm
Aplicação: até 120 embalagens/min.
Dimensão da embalagem (CxLxA): mín. 160 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm
Dimensão da embalagem (CxLxA): máx. 560 mm x 500 mm x 280 mm
  • Compact design due to linear stacking system
  • Reliable handling of unstable products with linear stacker
  • Performance increase due to dual lane processing
  • Rápida troca de formatos
  • Up to 5 different types of bags possible
até 1.600 produtos/min.
até 120 embalagens/min.
máx. 560 mm x 500 mm x 280 mm
Dimensão da embalagem (CxLxA)


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