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More capacity for Viet Sing

High-tech packaging for baby diapers

The young company Viet Sing produces high quality diapers. Happily, the demand for these diapers is increasing. To increase its capacity, the company invested in state-of-the-art German technology, the basic model DS1 from Optima Nonwovens for diaper packaging. The system, which was delivered two months after ordering, is extremely stable and reduces personnel costs by 50 percent.

Established in 2014,  Viet Sing International Production and Trading Co. Ltd.  is a member company affiliated to DND Brothers Group, founded by Mr Nguyen Dang Dung – Chairman of the Board Members. The company is specialized in the production and trading of sanitary paper products. These include baby diapers, diapers for adults and sanitary napkins. As a member company of the Health Investment and Essential Consumer Goods Corporation, the Vietnamese company has a particularly high level of expertise in the hygienic and safe manufacturing of products. This resulted in numerous satisfied customers. The demand for Viet Sings diapers grew steadily, as a result, the company faced the challenge of increasing their capacity to manufacture and package the “Jo” brand of baby pull-up diapers in sizes S to XXL.

Important for you
  • With fully automatic packaging systems for nonwovens products, you can face rising labor costs.
  • With the OPTIMA DS1, Viet Sing cut their operating staff in half, significantly increasing productivity and capacity.
  • Only two months passed from order to shipment. 
  • The packaging machine is one of five machine models that Optima has designed specifically for the Asian market.
  • Optima’s field service teams in Asia have been strengthened and have specialized knowledge of culture and government issues in Asia.
Detail view of machine with wrapped diapers
Viet Sing was faced with the challenge of increasing capacity for the production and packaging of the “Jo” brand of baby pull-up diapers in sizes S to XXL.
Exterior view of Optima Nonwovens production building
Viet Sing's production facility in Bac Ninh, Vietnam.
Capacity increases without a significant increase in personnel costs

In order to stay competitive, this needed to be done primarily by increasing capacity without significantly increasing staff costs. Under no circumstances should the packaging quality be affected. 

So far, Viet Sing has used semi-automatic packaging machines. The transfer of the filled packages into the closing machine was carried out by employees. This manual process was the bottleneck for the necessary capacity increase. With increasing output, staff costs were also impacted accordingly. In search of machines that provided higher productivity, Viet Sing evaluated several suppliers. The  Rieckermann company  supported Optima during the initial phase of the project and provided sales support.

Group picture of Andreas Rothbauer and customers
Nguyen Duc Vinh (Factory Manager, in the middle), Nguyen Van Lang (Deputy Factory Manager and Head of Research and Development Dept., on the left) and Tran Van Phuc (Technical Manager, second from left) of Viet Sing, Andreas Rothbauer (Optima Nonwovens) and Nyguen Ngoc Thao Uyen from the Rieckermann company are pleased with the signed contract in November 2018.
Modern technology of a reliable manufacturer

Viet Sing plant manager, Nguyen Duc Vinh, explains the decision to invest in Optima technique: „Optima is an established manufacturer in the world of packaging machines and has a very good reputation. With its focus on diaper packaging, it meets our requirements. In addition, Optima is known for its ultramodern technology and excellent service.“ The German supplier develops machine technology that specifically meets the needs of Asian nonwovens producers. 

Not only should that benefit Viet Sing, but it will also increase the work force of Optima in Asia in recent years. The largest field service team in the entire company is Optima Shanghai – and that team was used in the project with Viet Sing.

View of a machine for diaper packaging
Space-saving, easy to operate, and quick to use – these are the features that convinced Viet Sing of the OPTIMA DS1. Less than two months elapsed between ordering and loading.
Upgradable packing machine for diaper processing

The choice of Viet Sing fell on OPTIMA DS1, a moderate, space-saving, and flexible packaging system. The basic model for diaper packaging with three semi-automatic packing stations can be upgraded into a fully automated packing machine that can be fed with prefabricated bags. In addition, The system is available with a bag making machine. The OPTIMA DS1 can be synchronized with manufacturing equipment and it can manage up to 600 products / minute in the infeed as well as up to 50 packs / minute. 

The schedule of Viet Sing was ambitious, six months from first contact to delivery were the expectations of the Vietnamese producer. Optima Nonwovens accepted the challenge and in November Viet Sing’s order followed. At the end of January 2019, the machine left the headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall in Germany – an Optima record.

Half operator number, high system capacity

After arriving at Viet Sing, it only took two days for the OPTIMA DS1 to take over and pack the first products from the manufacturing plant. Nguyen Duc Vinh, plant manager at Viet Sing, praised the machine‘s stability and high productivity. „With the OPTIMA DS1, we were able to cut the number of operators in half,“ said Vinh, clarifying: „This helps us to both reduce labor costs and increase plant capacity.“ 

Vinh praised, „We were very impressed by the professional and precise working methods of the Optima team.“ Well-founded knowledge, such as that of Andreas Rothbauer, Key Account Manager Asia, was instrumental in the project’s success. Rothbauer has been at Optima for 30 years. „In addition to time management, this project was a great challenge for communicating and creating the documents required by the authorities.“ Here, Optima‘s strong presence in Asia paid off.

Group picture of Andreas Rothbauer and customers in front of a production machine
Factory Manager Nguyen Duc Vinh shows Andreas Rothbauer the OPTIMA DS1 in production. He is very satisfied with the results during operation.
Long-term relationship from Viet Sing and OPTIMA

For the plant manager, it is already clear that the current project will lead to a long collaboration between Viet Sing and Optima. „Our goal is fully automatic production lines,“ said Vinh. Soon you will take the purchase of other fully automatic packaging machines into consideration. „If the OPTIMA DS1 is stable and hassle-free over the next three to four months, then we will order more packaging machines for our remaining baby and adult diaper production lines,“ Vinh announced.

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