Bag Packaging Machine OPTIMA LS OS8

Bagger for Adult Diapers

Whether compressed large packages or sales packages with excellent visual and haptic quality, this segment is characterized by strongly varying requirements. Modular packaging machines such as the OPTIMA LS OS8 can meet all these needs at the same time. Industry-leading outputs combined with very high machine reliability ensure productivity, while additional quality control functions for both, process and product, further sets these units apart from the competition. The OPTIMA OS8 bagger can be ideally combined with the OPTIMA LS stacker. Not only can an unrivalled range of formats be flexibly processed with this system; the integrated modules and additional (control) functions open up a new dimension of packaging process design. 
Production Infeed rate: up to 650 Products/min
Production output rate: up to 90 Packages/min
Size range bag (LxWxH): min. 160 mm x 120 mm x 100 mm
Size range bag (LxWxH): max. 600 mm x 500 mm x 280 mm
  • Maximum flexibility in bag format selection
  • Reliable handling of unstable products with linear stacker
  • Performance increase due to dual lane processing
  • Quick format change over
  • Up to 5 different types of bags possible
up to 650 Products/min
Production Infeed rate
up to 90 Packages/min
Production output rate
max. 600 mm x 500 mm x 280 mm
Size range bag (LxWxH)


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