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OPTIMA automation at COMPAMED

The OPTIMA BCT-200 assembly machine for blood collection tubes covers all the necessary process steps, from feeding to labeling and packaging in polystyrene trays that are subsequently wrapped in foil.
A reliable partner for challenging assembly projects

OPTIMA automation GmbH, which operated under the name R+E Automation Technology GmbH until July, will be at COMPAMED. At this top event for the medical technology industry, the company from Fellbach will be providing information about its new complete solution for manufacturing and packaging blood collection tubes, as well as assembly solutions for injectors and syringes.

Companies from the medical technology and pharmaceuticals industries that are looking for equipment for sophisticated processes will find what they need at Optima automation's booth: With the OPTIMA BCT-200 and the OPTIMA BCA-200, Optima automation offers a complete solution for assembling and packaging blood collection tubes, both with and without vacuums. The machine can therefore dispense all common additives, such as gel, EDTA.K2, EDTA.K3, lithium herapin, trisodium citrate, and many more. The system stands out with its modular design and can be extended with further stations if necessary. It covers every required process step all the way to packaging, in polystyrene trays, for example. The final product can be assembled using the OPTIMA BCT-200 line. The OPTIMA BCA-200 is a machine that attaches caps for blood collection tubes. Optima Automation has all of the expertise needed for the entire process available in-house, as well as a laboratory that it can use to create customer samples.

Optima BCT-200 Vacuum Station

Pharmaceuticals companies find the necessary expertise and complete lines for all process steps for medical consumables, such as blood collection tubes, at Optima Automation.


To ensure the highest level of quality, every assembly step at OPTIMA FPA is carefully monitored.

Detailed view of pen injectors in the OPTIMA FPA

The OPTIMA FPA can be used to assemble pen injectors. Depending on the level of automation, it can produce 10 to 50 pen injectors a minute.

All process functions for assembling injectors

Optima Automation's portfolio covers not only this application field but also auto-injector and pen injector assembly. Optima Sutomation’s range of machine solutions for pen injectors and auto-injectors includes both semi-automatic machines with manual loading and fully automatic machines. For example, the OPTIMA FPA for assembling pen injectors, as well as clicking things into place or adhering them to one another. It is also possible to inspect the needle guards of pre-filled syringes, as well as the "priming process" for pen injectors, if necessary. As part of the Optima Group, Optima Automation can provide all solutions "turnkey," from assembling syringes to filling and finished products.

Lots of experience in implementing complex projects

Optima Automation has even mastered the assembly of syringes made of glass and plastics, cannula assembly, and IV set assembly. The company has many years of experience in supplying and assembling complicated components and both optically and mechanically monitoring all assembly steps. It continually develops all of its solutions in close coordination with its customers and according to individual requirements – from the project idea to commissioning and service. "Finding solutions to complex and challenging tasks while taking customer-specific demands into consideration is one of our strengths," says Sales Director Eugen Wanner.

In addition to Optima Automation, Optima Life Science will represent the Optima Group at COMPAMED.
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Optima Automation at COMPAMED: October 18 to 21, 2019, Hall 8A, booth no.: J13


About OPTIMA automation

OPTIMA automation GmbH plans and builds automation systems. In particular it builds automatic automation systems based on the rotary transfer principle, as well as automation transfer lines. Pen and auto-injectors, IV sets, syringes, cannulas, blood collection tubes, bone cement sets, and many other medical consumables can be assembled in this way. The company’s portfolio is topped off by its own feeding systems. Well-known companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries make up its global customer base. Optima Automation is a subsidiary of Optima Group and complements its portfolio in numerous areas of application. Over 40 employees contribute to Optima Automation’s success. The company’s head office is in Fellbach.

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