Bag Packaging Machine OPTIMA OSR

Bagger for Toilet Paper Rolls

The OPTIMA OSR bag packer and packaging machine can handle tissue products of all types, supporting all required roll product formations of kitchen towels and bathroom tissue in one or multiple layers. Optima Nonwovens machines and modules are designed to meet your specific requirements. Bathroom tissue and kitchen towel rolls can be packed on Optima equipment in pre-made polyethylene bags. This is how Optima Nonwovens has maintained its status as a leader in the industry.
Output (single lane): up to 90 Packages/min
Output (dual lane): up to 140 Packages/min
Size range bag (LxWxH): min. 100 mm x 150 mm x 95 mm
Size range bag (LxWxH): max. 650 mm x 650 mm x 240 mm
PE film thickness: 20 μ to 80 μ
Power consumption: max. 40 kVA
  • Full servo technology
  • Modular machine structure
  • Taylor made solutions to match individual requirements
  • Small foot print
  • Quick and easy change-over
  • Single and double layer packages possible
  • Premade polyethylene bags on wickets
  • Point of sale packages
  • Carry-handle possible
  • Perforation for easy bag opening possible
up to 90 Packages/min
Output (single lane)
up to 140 Packages/min
Output (dual lane)
max. 650 mm x 650 mm x 240 mm
Size range bag (LxWxH)


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