OPTIMA records 3,600 visitors at the traditional family day in the Solpark

Every two years, the special machine builder opens its doors to employees and their families.
Experience the fascination of mechanical engineering up close

The family day took place at Optima on July 13th. The event for the employees of the German locations and their families attracted more visitors than ever before – the company counted 3,600. There was also more on offer than ever before: celebrations took place in and around the company building in Schwäbisch Hall's Solpark industrial park. Numerous hands-on activities from various partners of the company, a wide range of culinary offerings, capoeira shows and children's play areas delighted young and old alike. With machine demonstrations and guided tours through the new logistics center, the relatives were given an insight into everyday life at Optima.

"This year, the guided tours through the new Optima logistics center and the machine demonstrations met with great interest," reports Carmen Spitzenberger from the Optima Marketing Department, who organized the internal event together with Vanessa Utz. Another highlight was the new Optima Benefits Guide, which employees in the HR department distributed. Interested parties can find all the advantages and offers that Optima offers employees at the Schwäbisch Hall site. "The new company building in Solpark offered plenty of space and the ideal setting for a family day," saysspitzenberger. The employees and their families were able to take this opportunity to visit Optima Pharma's new assembly hall - the CSPE center - and the new logistics center. In addition to the relatives of the company's employees, many colleagues from the foreign companies used the day to see their colleagues from Schwäbisch Hall again.

Capoeira Show at the OPTIMA Family Day

Sports enthusiasts could watch Capoeira demonstrations.

OPTIMA trainee informs children about young talent events

At the "Talent Management" booth, trainees provided information about young talent events such as "DO-IT!" and robotics working groups in schools.

OPTIMA employees give an insight into everyday work

Insight into everyday life at Optima.


Visitors at the OPTIMA family day

Optima counted 3,600 visitors at this year's Family Day.

Machine demonstration at the OPTIMA family day

The highlights of the family day included the machine demonstrations.

Children immerse themselves in the virtual world at the OPTIMA family day

Immerse yourself in the virtual world and look for a treasure there - that caused enthusiasm among the young visitors.

Family in pirate disguise at the OPTIMA family day

Be a pirate for a day - that was possible at the Optima family day. Even a pirate ship was waiting for the children.

A suitable offer for all age groups

Together with many partners, Optima put together more attractions than ever before. Children enjoyed a bouncy castle, climbed a pirate ship or looked through VR glasses and searched for treasure in the virtual world. Sports enthusiasts could find out about the latest bicycle trends at the MHW Bike-House stand and follow demonstrations of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. At the stand of the rehab sports studio, employees could win prizes and try out various sports activities. Children and adults enjoyed herbal salt, which they could fill up themselves using an Optima auger dispenser. At the "Talent Management" station, those interested in training found committed trainees who answered their questions about all young talent events at Optima. These include robotics AGs in schools, the "DO-IT!" event and Makeathons. A large culinary selection, including a candy bar and a juice and iced tea bar, provided refreshment between the items on the program.

Offer met with a positive response

The various offers were well received by the employees. “It was very nice to see where my husband works. And there is a lot of variety for the children,” says Ines Nauß. Her husband Heiko Nauß works in quality assurance at Optima. "It's great that I was able to show my wife where I work and make Optima palatable for our little one for the future," says Nauss. When asked what he liked best, son Noah can immediately answer: "The bouncy castle!". Everyone agrees on one thing: the family day was superbly organised.

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