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Our mission: Developing smart machine solutions together with you. Solutions that are already meeting tomorrow's requirements today. We are your technology partner for filling and production systems in the Fill & Finish and freeze-drying sectors for the diagnostics and life science industries.

Your diagnostics partner for
complete production lines and individual solutions

Machine solutions for filling and processing reagents and suspensions

In diagnostics, we focus on the specific manufacturer requirements in two sectors: Firstly, there are applications in human and veterinary diagnostics, and secondly, life science research. We focus on automatic monoblock systems and complete production lines for filling and processing liquid and powder products for in-vitro diagnostics. These include PCR test kits for SARS-CoV-2. Dosing and closing systems are at the heart of our systems.

The extensive range is completed by process technology, freeze-drying systems, and automated loading and unloading as well as robot technology. This means that we are your partner for carrying out turnkey projects cost-effectively and with utmost precision. As experienced solution providers and customizers, we have a wide range of synergy effects within the Optima Group and we implement intelligent solutions for diagnostic experts or, in other words, we provide them with: Smart Solutions for Diagnostic Experts.

Individual machine solutions and comprehensive production lines

Process overview

Process steps need to be aligned at an early stage and the challenges need to be identified. Depending on the scope of the project, Fill & Finish diagnostic solutions include a variety of infeed options, filling systems with 100% in-process controls, closing systems, labeling and coding, and final packaging. The systems can also integrate freeze dryers and robotics.

Specific feed techniques are required for a wide variety of packaging materials and container types:

  • For example, de-traying and sorting technology for the widest possible range of packaging material configurations
  • Special infeeds for non-rigid containers 

You get the right filling and dosing technology for each product:

  • Careful, precise product handling due to filling and dosing systems that are optimally matched to suit the product characteristics
  • Maximized product yield through in-process controls and product saving features

A wide variety of closing technologies for maximum product and process safety:

  • Technologies for foil sealing and laser recutting of foil edges
  • Bumping and screwing
  • Crimping
  • and other technologies

We use a wide range of control technologies for product traceability and process control:

  • Technologies for testing the integrity of processed products
  • Track & Trace and camera systems
  • Monitoring technologies for a wide range of process requirements
  • Checking the tightness of screw caps
Checking and Controls

Traceability using integrated technologies for product identification within the production process:

  • A wide variety of labeling applications
  • Different coding technologies, such as laser, inkjet, etc.
Labeling and Coding

We have the right end-of-line solution for you, irrespective of how your products are subsequently processed:

  • Trayloading
  • Grouping
  • Conveyor systems
End of Line Handling
Freeze Drying

The right solutions for every production scenario

An experienced partner for a wide range of applications

Production Scenarios

Smart solutions

We create added value for our customers through innovative technologies

Flexibility and productivity
Flexibility and Productivity
We combine the highest level of object and product variability with highly flexible and reliable transportation and format part concepts.
Process safety
Process Safety

We achieve the highest level of process and product safety with integrated machine concepts that are customized to meet individual customer requirements. For example, ATEX Fill & Finish concepts are also incorporated.

Maximizing product yield
Maximizing Product Yield
To maximize the amount of usable and saleable product, we use a variety of filling and refill modes as well as in-process controls and technologies to ensure maximum product yield.
Checking and Controls

The traceability of your products is assured by Track & Trace, camera controls, and different solutions for product identification and labeling.

Benefits for you by having a strong partner

That is why you can rely on us

Our aims in the diagnostics sector are clear: As a globally oriented technology partner and experienced customizer, we want to be your preferred partner for complete production systems and individual solutions in the fields of Fill & Finish and freeze-drying. Our customers are impressed by our comprehensive, modular machine solutions built on highly flexible platforms, innovative technologies, and our full range of services.
We achieve this by making our reliable, professional partnership with you our main focus - from the start of the design process and throughout the entire life cycle. We have our finger on the pulse of diagnostics, a comprehensive understanding of your processes, and a comprehensive market view. Our success is attributable to our skilled staff, our many years of experience, groundbreaking innovations, and excellent service.

Over 25 years of experience
in individual customer
diagnostics projects 

More than 70 projects with
diagnostics manufacturers worldwide

Individual customer solutions
for a variety of investment scenarios

service coverage

market knowledge and
professional partners

Reliable and professional
partnership over the entire lifecycle

Our portfolio

Machine solutions for filling and coating reagents and suspensions

Closing Machine OPTIMA ROTOCAP
Closing Machine OPTIMA ROTOCAP
Bottles, Multi Cartridges
  • Output: up to 24,000 Pieces/h
  • Object height: 35 mm to 180 mm
  • Object diameter: 16 mm to 100 mm
Machine Details
Filling and Closing Machine OPTIMA CONTILINE
Filling- and Closing Machine OPTIMA CONTILINE
Bottles, Syringes
  • Output: up to 21,600 Pieces/h
  • Object diameter: 16 mm to 66 mm
  • Object height: 30 mm to 150 mm
Machine Details
Filling- and Closing Machine OPTIMA LINOLINE
Filling- and Closing Machine OPTIMA LINOLINE
  • Output: up to 7,200 Pieces/h
  • Process: 1 -laned to 2 -laned
  • Object diameter: 30 mm to 95 mm
Machine Details
Filling- and Closing Maschine OPTIMA FLEXOFILL
Filling- and Closing Maschine OPTIMA FLEXOFILL / FLEXOCAP
  • Output: up to 4,200 Pieces/h
  • Object diameter: 16 mm to 100 mm
  • Filling stations: 1 -laned to 4 -laned
Machine Details
Turnkey Solution for Diagnostic Products
Turnkey Solution for Diagnostic Products
Vials, Injection and Infusion Bottles
  • Output: up to 21,600 Pieces/h
  • Process: 4 -laned to 8 -laned
  • Object diameter: 16 mm to 66 mm
Machine Details
Bottles, Nasal Applications
  • Output: up to 7,200 Pieces/h
  • Object diameter: 30 mm to 95 mm
  • Object height: 50 mm to 220 mm
Machine Details

Our diagnostic technologies in practical use

Siemens Healthineers relies on OPTIMA

Would you like us to convince you about our diagnostic skills? Then take a look at our customer interview "7 for Siemens Healthineers". In this article, we report back on a major project carried out in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers. Of course, diagnostics can also be done on a smaller scale, but in this case, seven systems were installed on two continents. Siemens Healthineers' and Optima Pharma's shared partnership philosophy plays a major role in this. Why is that? Read about it for yourself!

Interview on the Megaproject: 7 for Siemens Healthineers

Seven systems, made up of six lines and a closing machine, are being developed for Siemens Healthineers and installed on two continents.

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