Filling Machine OPTIMA FM1

Liquid products

  • Decorative cosmetics, hair care, perfume, body care
  • pesticides and fertilizers, washing and cleaning agents, disinfectants, disinfection gel
  • oil, soups and sauces, spices
Glass, plastic

Filling technology
Piston pump with pinch valve or rotary valve

Machine perfectly in tune with Closing Machine OPTIMA CM1.
Output: up to 90 Pieces/min
Dosing range: up to 1,000 ml
Filling stations: up to 6
Container height: max. 250 mm
Container diameter: max. 120 mm


  • Filling systems coordinated to the product
  • Freely programmable filling nozzle movement and filling speed for below/over or bottom-up filling


  • Different dosing technologies are available


  • Container classification using a portioning device
  • Container transport using pucks for flexible production and fast conversion
  • Container transport without pucks
  • Centering the container for the optimal positioning of the containers below the work stations
  • Cycled container transport
  • Very gentle processing of the containers
  • Processing different container shapes


  • User-friendly, fast and primarily tool-free format change


  • Simple assembly (plug and play) - low installation costs
  • Good visibility and accessibility
  • Compact design with low space requirement
  • Compact design with integrated control cabinet
  • Running direction of the machine from left to right
  • Min./max. Sensors for jam detection upstream and downstream of the machine
  • Secure and sturdy mechanical system


  • Drive via wear-free servomotors


  • Closing systems coordinated to the product


  • Parts in contact with the product that are removable and are able to be cleaned with water for thorough cleaning
up to 90 Pieces/min
up to 1,000 ml
Dosing range
up to 6
Filling stations


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