4 Side Seal Platen Packaging Machine OPTIMA CPS

Transdermal patches and oral film strips

Alternatively to 4 Side Seal Packaging Machine rotative OPTIMA 4SS, Optima Life Science offers reciprocating platen sealing machines, which pack medical, pharmaceutical or diagnostic devices into pouches at high production speeds. 

Application examples:
  • Wound Care Dressings
  • Oral Filmstrips (Oral Dispersible Films)
  • Oral transmucosal drug delivery
  • Diagnostic Devices 
  • Drapes
  • Transdermal Patches
  • Sutures
Your advantages:
  • Quality: high seal integrity, non-compliant pouches are automatically rejected
  • Flexibility: able to run a wide range of packaging papers and films due to rotary and reciprocating machine solutions
  • Time efficiency: pouch size change possible in a very short time
  • Validation: Fully validatable
  • Automation: Integration with Converting systems possible

The processes for Pouch Packaging Machines

  • Automatic or manual product infeed
  • Transport in correct position 
  • Sealing independent from web speed
  • No product wastage at start and stop
  • Multi lane sealing possible
  • Quick format change
  • Servo-controlled cross cutter
  • Pouch cutting in register according to print mark or with random printing
  • Printing of pouch with barcode, data matrix code and / or text
  • Printing with ink, laser or thermo transfer
  • Integrated vision inspection
  • Verification of product presence and product position
  • Print presence verification or OCR print verification
  • Automatic reject of any non-compliant packs 
  • Discharge for automatic or manual processing
Output: up to 600 products/min (single lane, multi lane even higher)
Web speed: up to 70 m/min
Web width: up to 390 mm
up to 600 products/min (single lane, multi lane even higher)
up to 70 m/min
Web speed
up to 390 mm
Web width


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