Carton filling, closing and packaging machines

Your product in small or large cartons and folding boxes

Create new market opportunities. The InlineCan concept offers you the perfect solution for this. The cardboard cans are produced from the roll material and subsequently filled. Enjoy the benefits of more efficient processes in your production, a higher degree of added value and optimized logistics.

In addition, cardboard packaging offers further opportunities in primary and secondary packaging. Innovative sales packaging for your product that ranges from laundry detergent boxes to folding boxes.

  • Bodies made of cardboard or recycled cardboard with aluminum and plastic
  • Bottoms made of tin or cardboard with aluminum or plastic
  • Membrane optional
  • Different covers made out of plastic
  • Customized shapes
Hörauf and Optima - Benefit from the cooperation of these two specialists and their joint solution. Enjoy access to an experienced team of experts who cater to your specific needs and provide you with the latest technologies.

Discover the advantages of this ingenious packaging concept for your product and capture the potential of new market opportunities. The inline can concept is the perfect solution.

Optima machine solutions
Filling and Closing Machine InlineCan OPTIMA CFS

Machine solutions

Machine solutions for InlineCans, cartons and folding boxes

Filling Machine OPTIMA Linofill for liquid products
Filling Machine OPTIMA Linofill
Liquid products
  • Output: up to 120 Pieces/min
  • Dosing range: up to 550 ml
  • Format change time: max. 30 minutes
Machine Details
Filling Weigher OPTIMA CB for powder, granulates and grainy products
Filling Weigher OPTIMA CB
Powdery, granulated and grainy products
  • Output: up to 30 containers/min
  • Dosing range: up to 10,000 ml
  • Format change time: max. 5 minutes
Machine Details
OPTIMA CFR - Capsule Filler Rotary for powder products
OPTIMA CFR - Capsule Filler Rotary
  • Output: 100 Pieces/min to 220 Pieces/min
  • Dosing range: 1 g to 18 g
  • Container diameter: 30 mm to 60 mm
Machine Details