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A food supplement dosage form committed to health and a positive lifestyle – this was the mission of HERMES PHARMA when presenting its HERMES NutriCaps at the Vitafoods trade show in Geneva in May 2019. These capsules will revolutionize the dietary supplements markets. For the market entry, HERMES PHARMA chose the OPTIMA CFR as its filling machine.

Nutritional supplements aren't particularly known for their special appeal of being "sexy". "More than half of the population has a hard time swallowing tablets and capsules," says Dr. Detlev Haack, Head of Innovation at HERMES PHARMA. Not really a good starting point for manufacturers of food supplements, as nearly all of their products are available in exactly these formats. Well, that is about to change. HERMES PHARMA, a division of HERMES Arzneimittel GmbH from Pullach, Germany, has developed a simple yet ingenious way of making food supplements a natural part of everyday life – in fact, just as natural as making a simple cup of morning coffee. Food supplements are now also available as HERMES NutriCaps in what is called the beverage capsule design. This is compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. As a contract developer and manufacturer (CDMO), HERMES PHARMA has been producing user-friendly dosage formats for healthcare businesses around the world for over 40 years – from product idea to approval and manufacture. The term CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) refers to companies that provide services at one or more stages of the value chain in the development of pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

Important for you
  • HERMES PHARMA is one of the very first companies to make food supplements available in beverage capsules.
  • There were several factors that prompted HERMES PHARMA to purchase the OPTIMA CFR capsule filling machine:
    • Compact size
    • Fast commissioning
    • Ease of use
    • Cost efficiency
  • With rapid exchange of information, quick reaction to queries and individual recommendations, HERMES PHARMA is extremely pleased with the progress of the project and the cooperation with the experts at Optima.
Product sample capsules
HERMES PHARMA is one of the very first companies to make food supplements available in beverage capsules. HERMES NutriCaps offer consumers numerous benefits.
A simple, safe and quick way to take food supplements

HERMES NutriCaps  make it easy, safe and quick to take food supplements," explains Haack. "They eliminate the time-consuming task of boiling water, which can also result in burns. And having the right dosage, which is important when it comes to food supplements, is extremely convenient. For Nespresso machine owners, this is another way of putting their existing machines to good use," adds the Head of Innovation. There are also many different flavors available, and most importantly, the bothersome issue of having to swallow tablets is gone. "This makes taking your food supplements easy and fun, and can be incorporated into your regular daily routine," says Haack. The end consumer is also already familiar with using capsules like these, which will certainly boost the adoption of this new product.

HERMES PHARMA can scientifically prove that there is no carry-over effect between coffee and food supplements – whether or not the end consumer accepts this is an entirely different question. However, the company was also able to provide a positive answer to this issue in a consumer study – a basic requirement in the success of the new dosage form. "We believe that HERMES NutriCaps will usher in a new era of food supplements – and open up a highly promising market for our B2B clients," says Haack.

For the filling and packaging, HERMES PHARMA has opted for tried and trusted Optima technology, the OPTIMA CFR capsule filling machine, the company's first machine from Optima. "The project was outstanding," reports Helmut Jakolat, Head of Production Engineering at HERMES Arzneimittel. He was particularly impressed with the swift exchange of information, the response to queries and individual recommendations. Thanks to the well-prepared, knowledgeable Optima technicians, the system was set up within two days, so the test runs and operator training could be started out right away.

capsule filling machine

The OPTIMA CFR capsule filling machine means that capsules reach the marketplace safely and quickly. The trade journal Process awarded the machine the title "Top Product of the Year 2017".

dosing unit in the machine

Food supplements are more sensitive and more finely-milled than ground coffee. The dispenser is also able to precisely portion these into the capsules.

Stacking the capsules into the machine

Focus on process safety: When the capsules are stacked, an optical presence check ensures that all transport plates are loaded.

Applying the cover film to the capsules

The cover foil protects the food supplements from moisture,contamination and degradation.

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