Intelligent production assistance services for pharmaceutical production


Intelligent production assistance services for pharmaceutical production

Digital solutions for maximum production safety

Our digital solutions give you an overview of your production, identify potential for improvement, can access knowledge about the plant at any time, increase availability and mean that you get support quickly and directly, right when you need it. IPAS - Intelligent Production Assistance Services - enables us to support you, both before and during the entire production process. For Optima, digitization is not an end in itself. We are always focused on solutions that bring you, our customers, tangible added value.
Manufacturing intelligence
Monitoring and optimizing processes
Manufacturing Intelligence
Video Monitoring Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

System for monitoring the machine interior with cameras
Video monitoring enables you to oversee and optimize your production. Cameras inside the machine continuously record live images, which your employees can view from anywhere. The cameras also improve visibility for the operating staff. This means that the causes of stopped production can be analyzed quickly and easily, faults can be rectified and product losses kept to a minimum.

Rapid troubleshooting
In the event of a fault, video recording of the machine interior
Overview of machine process and status outside the production area
Failure root cause analysis
Highspeed-Video-Monitoring Highspeed-Video-Monitoring

High-Speed Video Monitoring

High speed camera monitoring system for important processes
Use high-speed video monitoring to oversee key machine areas with high-speed cameras. This enables you to immediately identify the causes of process discrepancies and downtimes, and to avoid them in the future. This is an important tool to achieve maximum product yield and machine availability.

Recognition of process vulnerabilities
Improvement in process resilience
Aids process set-up and optimization
Failure root cause analysis
Smart assistance

Optimum support for format changes & troubleshooting

Smart Assistance
Changeover Scan Changeover Scan

Changeover Scan

Assistance system for rapid, safe format changeover
Changeover Scan is a tool to assist plant operators with format changes. This effectively minimizes the risk of machine downtime due to use of wrong format parts, and machine availability is increased. Crashes within machines are therefore prevented, and product losses are also kept to a minimum. Another benefit is that operators can be trained more quickly.

Rapid, safe format change
Reduction in the risk of errors during format changeovers
New operators become efficient more quickly
Smart integration of SOP-specific requirements into the format change by means of a database
Alarm Assist Alarm Assist

Alarm Assist

System to assist the machine operator with troubleshooting
Alarm Assist provides you with optimal support when troubleshooting. Supporting documents are stored for defined alarms and can be called up directly from the alarm list. Alarms can be annotated individually. This way, you get back into production as quickly as possible and keep downtime to a minimum.

Reduction in downtime in the event of machine malfunctions, and hence increased efficiency
New operators become efficient more quickly
Targeted troubleshooting with operator assistance
Creation of customer and line-specific alarm and troubleshooting database through platform access

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