Start of training at OPTIMA in Schwäbisch Hall

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Lara Moser and Steffen Otterbach have decided to train at Optima. (Photo: Optima)
Education with benefits

On September 1, 38 trainees and cooperative students started their careers at Optima, nine dual students followed on October 1. The company from Schwäbisch Hall offers training with benefits: In addition to intensive support, some special highlights await the junior staff.

"I sent off just one application - and it went to Optima," says Steffen Otterbach. He is one of 38 apprentices and cooperative students who started at Optima on September 1. The 16-year-old says he chose industrial mechanics because he wanted to do something in the trades. "You get to see what you've accomplished when you build a machine." That enthusiasm, he says, led him to his decision. Why Optima? "A lot of people I know work here and have nothing but good things to say. I like the opportunity to go abroad on assembly or to continue my education."

Lara Moser is also starting her training at Optima - as a mechatronics technician. "I find the combination of electronic and mechanical areas exciting," says the 23-year-old. She has already completed an internship in assembly. Her conclusion: "The atmosphere is really cool. The interaction is relaxed, there is fun and you work together on a task. I like that a lot." The support during training is particularly important to her. Lara reports that she had a good experience during her internship. "Everyone supports you and you don't have to be afraid if you have questions." What speaks for her in favor of training at Optima? "The opportunities for further training and promotion, but also the friendly and familiar working atmosphere."

Group picture of the new OPTIMA trainees

Since September 1, there are 38 new apprentices and two cooperative students at Optima in Schwäbisch Hall. (Photo: Optima)

Start of training at OPTIMA - trainers welcome the new trainees

Training officers Rainer Probst and Heike Brenner welcome the new trainees to the Optima training center. (Photo: Optima)

New Optima apprentices getting a tour of the training workshop

During the tour, the trainees get to know the company. (Photo: Optima)

nine dual students who started at Optima on 01 October 2023

Nine dual students started at OPTIMA on October 1.  (Photo: Optima)

Extensive program

In addition to Lara and Steffen's apprenticeships, there are others. The choice ranges from cutting machine operator to technical product designer to IT specialist for system integration. The cooperative students have decided for a mixture of training as mechatronics engineers and studying "automation technology and electrical mechanical engineering". On October 1, nine more dual students in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering will joined the program.

"The industrial trainees, technical product designers and cooperative students start their basic training at the Optima training center," explains Heike Brenner. She is the training manager of the Optima Group. The schedule for the introductory weeks includes information on people, processes and safety rules, as well as getting-to-know-you sessions, such as the all-day "game without borders" followed by a barbecue.

After all, training at Optima is not only about imparting solid and modern technical knowledge. There are regular highlights on the program, such as excursions to other industrial companies or visits to trade shows. A special feature for our industrial trainees is the opportunity to gain experience abroad. "They visit our site in the USA for three weeks," explains Heike Brenner. Trainees with the additional qualification International Business Management are allowed to spend an additional three weeks at the sites in France or Mexico, depending on the language chosen. 

First-hand information 

Interested parties can find out more about Optima's training program on Thursday, October 12, at the training center at Kolpingstraße 23 in Schwäbisch Hall: At the “night of training”, there will be insights into the learning environment from 5 to 9 pm. Young people and their parents can talk directly to trainers and trainees.
On October 19, a career choice fair will be held at the Hermann Merz School in Ilshofen. Two days later, on Saturday, October 21, the same event will follow at the Schulzentrum West in Schwäbisch Hall.

The application phase for 2024 has already begun, with three-quarters of the apprenticeship places already allocated. On February 1, 2024, the apprenticeships, cooperative and dual study places for 2025 will be advertised. Career exploration internships are also available at Optima. Important note: Applications are only possible online.

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