R+E Automation Technology is becoming OPTIMA automation

Optima Automation, formerly known as R+E Automation Technology, employs over 40 staff in Fellbach near Stuttgart, Germany.

R+E Automation Technology GmbH was renamed OPTIMA automation GmbH in July 2019. The company, based in Fellbach, Germany, produces assembly systems for medical consumables and feed systems. The new name emphasizes the company's affiliation with the family group from Schwaebisch Hall and is part of a successful integration process taking place over several years.

"By changing our name, we are expressing R+E Automation's increasing integration into the Optima group of companies formally as well," says Michael Becher, Managing Director of the company. Optima Automation, which is based in Fellbach, Germany, has been part of the Optima group of companies since July of 2016. The new name is better suited to current developments and emphasizes the company's affiliation to the parent company. The cooperation between R+E and Optima had expanded from joint market processing to the joint development of new machines.

More flexibility and expertise for system configuration

Optima Automation extends the portfolio of the Optima group of companies in the area of assembly systems in particular and gives the group's customers even more flexibility in their custom configuration of filling and packaging systems. The change does not impact collaboration with the company's customers, suppliers, and partners. Only the company's appearance is changing. It will do business using the logo of the Optima group of companies in the future. Customers, suppliers, and partners are being informed about the change.

Synergy effects are taking shape quickly

The new partner's expertise has been used gainfully in many projects, especially in medical technology. Optima Automation also contributed important knowledge to new developments, such as the new OPTIMA ImmuFill®. The company's newest innovation is the BCT-200, a modular, complete system for assembling and packaging blood collection tubes. "The status of orders placed with Optima Automation is very good," reports Michael Becher, who looks forward to future joint projects.


Optima Automation's portfolio includes modular production systems for pre-filled syringes like these.


​​​​​​​The BCT-200, a system for manufacturing and packaging blood collection tubes, is one of the newest innovations from R+E, which is now called Optima Automation.

About OPTIMA automation

OPTIMA automation GmbH plans and builds automation systems. In particular it builds automatic automation systems based on the rotary transfer principle, as well as automation transfer lines. Pen and auto-injectors, IV sets, syringes, cannulas, blood collection tubes, bone cement sets, and many other medical consumables can be assembled in this way. The company’s portfolio is topped off by its own feeding systems. Well-known companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries make up its global customer base. Optima Automation is a subsidiary of Optima Group and complements its portfolio in numerous areas of application. Over 40 employees contribute to Optima Automation’s success. The company’s head office is in Fellbach.

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