OPTIMA student successful at Science Slam at the Kuenzelsau Campus

From left to right: Dr. Georg Pfeifer, Managing Director of OPTIMA nonwovens GmbH, Anatol Tonch (second place winner), Felix Wagner (first place winner), Kevin Bergen (third place winner).

At the "OpenCampusNight" students present their bachelor theses

On May 24, the "OpenCampusNight" took place at the Campus Kuenzelsau - Reinhold-Wuerth-Hochschule. The highlight of the event was the Science Slam, in which Kevin Bergen took third place. He wrote his thesis on the topic of operating concepts based on augmented and virtual reality at Optima. The company sponsored the prizes for the three winners - a trip to the next Makeathon in Gran Canaria.

At OpenCampusNight, visitors can find out about the degree programs offered, the university's activities abroad, and the dual study models. This also includes an insight into the technical equipment of the campus. A special highlight of the evening was the Science Slam. Slammers, in this case students from the technical degree programs, competed against each other and presented their bachelor's and master's theses in a short presentation. Afterwards, the audience had the opportunity to take a closer look at the works during a tour in the gallery area and to ask the slammers questions. At the end, visitors could give each participant up to five stars for their presentation.

Augmented and virtual reality as a topic of the bachelor thesis

First place went to Felix Wagner (M. Sc. Electrical Engineering, partner company Wuerth Elektronik), second place to Anatol Tonch (partner company GEMÜ). Kevin Bergen (B. Sc. Electrical Engineering, partner company Optima) was delighted with third place with his bachelor's thesis on "Investigating the application scenarios of new operating concepts based on AR and VR in the packaging machine environment" - a cutting-edge topic for the machine manufacturer from Schwaebisch Hall. Following his dual study program at Optima, Kevin Bergen will continue to work as a software engineer in the development department at Optima Nonwovens.

OPTIMA sponsors prizes for the winners of the competition

Dr. Georg Pfeifer, Managing Director of OPTIMA nonwovens GmbH, presented the prizes sponsored by Optima to the three winners. They can look forward to participating in the Smart Green Island Makeathon and the associated trip to Gran Canaria. There, students of different nationalities meet and work on current technical issues up to the creation of prototypes.

Optima Bachelorand presents his bachelor thesis
Kevin Bergen, who now works as a software engineer at Optima, presents the topic of his bachelor thesis to those interested. It is about operating concepts based on augmented and virtual reality.
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