OPTIMA launches Corona test offensive

About 50 Optima employees were trained to perform rapid tests for SARS-CoV-2 by healthcare professionals. (Source: Optima)
The company offers all employees twice-weekly testing for Sars-Cov-2

While politicians are discussing mandatory corona tests for employees in companies, Optima has already been offering all employees at the Schwäbisch Hall site two corona tests per week since this week. Around 50 employees have been trained by medical professionals. In rotation, around ten of them perform about 1,000 quick tests per week. Up to 2,000 tests per week are possible.

In view of the rising incidence in the Schwäbisch Hall district, the Optima group of companies has decided to offer all employees two Corona tests per week in addition to public testing services at the Schwäbisch Hall site. Employees can register for a test quickly and easily using appointment booking software. Internal and external visitors as well as suppliers are also tested.

1,000 Corona tests per week

The offer has been very well received, reports Sebastian Henke, HR manager and head of the Corona task force: "We currently carry out around 1,000 tests per week. If necessary, this number can be increased to 2,000. We are pleased with the lively participation and the great willingness among the workforce to help carry out the tests." The level of infection protection for employees has thus been further increased. Around 50 employees have been trained by healthcare professionals. Around ten of them take it in turns to carry out the rapid tests each week. A correspondingly high number of rapid tests were procured at an early stage to maintain this high level of testing. Category 1 contacts, employees with clear Covid 19 symptoms, or individuals who test positive in the rapid test performed must have a PCR test done at the public testing sites.

Sven Müller

Sven Müller is a team leader in the service department at Optima Consumer. He has been involved in setting up the central test center at Optima Consumer from the very beginning. (Source: Optima)

Woman is tested with a Corona test

Thanks to the great dedication and helpfulness of the Optima staff, up to 2,000 Corona tests can be performed each week. (Source: Optima)

Around 70 percent of employees work remotely

Immediately after the outbreak of the pandemic, an internal task force was set up at Optima. This is made up of experts from different areas of the company. "The team spirit and the diversity of perspectives within the team are our strengths," says Henke. One of the many infection control measures implemented is the establishment of the central Corona Test Center at Optima Consumer in Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental. This was already set up at the end of October 2020. This has now been joined by three further test stations at Optima Pharma, Optima Packaging Group and Optima Life Science. If necessary, four more test stations can be put into operation at the Schwäbisch Hall sites within 30 minutes.

Around 70 percent of employees in Schwäbisch Hall currently work on the move. For the remaining 30 percent, the Internet bandwidth from home is not sufficient for the required applications, among other things. Especially the employees in manufacturing and assembly, who after all cannot work from home, are offered even more security with the comprehensive tests. All measures at Optima are always proactively adapted to current developments on the basis of the Optima step-by-step plan. The local health authority has confirmed that the measures are exemplary.

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