OPTIMA enables employees in Schwäbisch Hall to receive Covid 19 vaccination

OG_Impfen bei Optima
The in-house vaccination campaign at Optima has started. With the vaccination offer, the company makes an important contribution to the infection protection of its employees and to the containment of the pandemic. (Source: Optima)
Operational vaccination center at the Optima consumer site starts operation

The Optima Group of Companies began vaccinations against Covid-19 at its Schwäbisch Hall site on June 10. A twelve-strong vaccination team led by company physician Dr. Rainer Bähr is carrying out the vaccinations at Optima Consumer's site in Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental.

For several weeks, the Corona task force of the Optima Group of Companies had meticulously prepared everything. Now that the vaccine has arrived, the vaccinations could start on June 10. This allows the company to add what is probably the most important component, the Covid 19 vaccination, to its extensive measures for protecting employees against infection. Optima has initially received 120 of the 800 doses of BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine ordered from the federal government's stockpile for an initial vaccination and will inoculate more than 100 doses weekly through the end of June. The second dose will be available for administration by the start of summer vacation.

Vaccination employees

After registering in the Optima Consumer entrance area, proceed to the waiting area. (Source: Optima)

Educational discussion between physician and employee about COVID

Educational talk before vaccination (source: Optima)

Woman gets vaccinated

For several weeks, the Corona task force of the Optima Group of Companies has been meticulously preparing to carry out the vaccinations. If more vaccine were available, 500 employees could be vaccinated per week. (Source: Optima)

Covid 19 vaccine Comirnaty

The Covid-19 vaccine Comirnaty® from BioNTech/Pfizer is administered first. (Source: Optima)

Twelve-member team carries out vaccinations

One day a week, the twelve-member vaccination team, consisting of three doctors, four medical assistants and company first aiders, carries out the vaccinations. The team is led by company physician Dr. Rainer Bähr. 500 employees who are interested in being vaccinated could be vaccinated every week if enough vaccine were available. Appointment booking software makes it quick and easy for employees to sign up for an appointment. Local general practitioners and specialists also support Optima with an extensive range of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Great response among the workforce

The response from the workforce has been great. Shortly after it was made available, all the appointments were taken. "We are pleased with the high demand for vaccination among our employees," says Sebastian Henke, HR manager and head of the Corona task force. As the quantity of vaccine is still limited, the vaccination offer is currently available to all employees at the Schwäbisch Hall site and to temporary workers who are permanently employed by Optima. With this low-threshold offer, Optima is making an important contribution to protecting its employees from severe courses of the disease and also relieving the burden on general practitioners in the region.

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