METALL+PLASTIC and OPTIMA pharma return happy from Lounges 2019

Vertriebsteam von Metall Plastic und Optima Pharma
At Lounges 2019, specialist discussions, practical experiences, learning opportunities, and networking were brought expertly under one roof, which employees of Metall+Plastic and Optima Pharma all reported and agreed on at the end of the fair.


The open and in-depth specialist discussions were very well received by both visitors and exhibitors such as  Metall+Plastic   at Lounges 2019. Exciting exhibitions and a wide range of learning opportunities were a meaningful addition to the trade show concept. Metall+Plastic and  Optima Pharma  walked away from Lounges very happy, mainly because of the high quality of the contacts but also because of the improved attendance figures.

Diversity makes the difference: Lounges is a straightforward trade show, but – or perhaps because of this – the contacts are of a high quality. There is plenty of time for exchanging specialist in-depth information. Lounges also offered visitors a wide range of learning opportunities, which Metall+Plastic contributed to in the form of lectures. These talks covered topics such as the different methods for short H2O2 decontamination cycle times, recommended material properties in isolators, and the importance of sterility test isolators.

At its booth, Metall+Plastic was able to present key quality characteristics using an isolator cross section. Visitors were also very interested by the GTS-WL glove testing system, which was presented live. These mobile testing devices are essential for ensuring pharmaceutical integrity and to document the permeability of gloves. Together with colleagues from Optima Pharma, which like Metall+Plastic are also part of the Optima Packaging Group, the advantages of turnkey projects were explained. Optima has overall control of all the processes involved in filling and closing, containment, and freeze-drying.

Many well-known industry representatives from the pharmaceutical industry attended Lounges in Karlsruhe. There were plenty of networking opportunities. Metall+Plastic recorded increased attendance figures compared to the previous year – another positive result.

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