Joining forces against COVID-19

The completion of filling and closing systems for vaccine candidates was accelerated with the great commitment of all employees. (Source: Optima)

The COVID-19 pandemic poses major challenges for companies worldwide, including Optima. But, as we all know, every crisis also brings opportunities. New solutions to the challenges of this time have been found, proven technologies have been adapted and new ones have been created, digital technologies also continue to gain importance.

When the pandemic hit Germany with full force in March 2020, we at Optima, immediately took a number of measures to be there for our customers, employees, and partners in the best possible way. An internal task force was immediately set up to assess the current developments on a daily basis and derive appropriate measures. For example, an information portal was set up on the internet for our employees and strict infection prevention measures were introduced.

Global availability of goods ensured

Once a new way of working in this challenging situation was found and initial crisis communication measures were initiated, we focused on supporting you, our customers and partners, in this special situation: with our knowledge, highly flexible machine solutions, virtual machine acceptance tests, and digital services.

The COVID-19 crisis is leading to a sharp shift in demand. The demand for certain consumer goods and hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology has grown exponentially. We responded to this development at an early stage and offered special machine solutions that can be flexibly adapted to new market requirements.
Synergy enables new solutions.

Synergy effects enable new solutions

In a crisis, it's all about sticking together. This aspect was also particularly evident at Optima. Both in balancing capacity among the individual business units and in designing manufacturing and packaging solutions for respirators. Thanks to the cooperation of all business units, Optima was able to offer fully automated manufacturing machines with different performance levels for FFP respirators very quickly. Tried and tested packaging systems with different performance levels could be flexibly adapted to the packaging of disposable protective masks.


SARS-CoV-2 can be detected with PCR tests, among other methods. For all diagnostic tests, Optima offers appropriate filling and closing equipment. (Source: Optima)

Virtual Factory Acceptance Test

Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests are part of OPTIMA Total Care. Optima customers decide to what extent they want to make use of them. (Source: Optima)

Man with VR glasses

With the opening of the Optima Digital Innovation Center, the company is reinforcing its digital commitment. Smart Services can be experienced up close.

Digital is key

The pandemic has strengthened Optima's resolve to continue to pursue the path it has taken towards becoming a digital company. The opening of Optima’s Digital Innovation Center and the presentation of our new Smart Services (see o-com special edition on the Interpack) formed the foundation for this.

With virtual machine acceptance tests, Optima ensured that systems were delivered on time during the crisis. This resulted in the most complex virtual machine acceptance in the company's history. Over 30 customer employees from the USA followed every step of the virtual factory acceptance test every day.

Setting the right course even before the crisis

The supply chains of many companies have come under severe pressure in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. With the new logistics center and special strategic measures, we have ensured the availability of our machine solutions and services. It paid off, for example, that risk analyses are carried out continuously, even before the pandemic, in order to secure supply chains. Parts that require a high level of expertise are sourced within the Optima Group or produced by the broad-based, in-house production. Approximately 150 qualified employees and a state-of-the-art machine park including 3D printing technology are available.

Social responsibility

In order to help overcome the crisis, Optima supported Wrapping Solutions from Rosengarten near Schwaebisch Hall in their production of facemasks. We provided manual folding devices, and advised Wrapping Solutions and other companies on the development of automation solutions. With the great commitment of all employees, the completion of machine solutions for urgently needed products such as vaccine candidates was accelerated. The reason for this is the guiding principle to which Optima is committed: We care for people.

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