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In addition to the volumetric or gravimetric filling of powdery and fine-grained products, auger fillers made by Optima are also an ideal solution for the dosing and processing of difficult-flowing, dust-forming or sticky materials.  Using volumetric and gravimetric dosing guarantees maximum accuracy without deviations, gentle handling of the product, and cost-effectiveness.

Precise dosing

Auger fillers are often used for the volumetric metering of bulk materials, i.e., powdery or granular materials. They convey and dispense the material from the container with a rotating screw through the dosing feeder and guide it, using a funnel, to the packaging process. The gravimetric and volumetric dosing with augers offers a simple and affordable solution for continuous dosing or batching. Auger-type dosing devices work precisely, allowing for easy cleaning. Furthermore, It's easy and quick to convert dosing devices for new products.

Machines for every requirement

Depending on the type and design, our dosing machines have cut-off scales, operate with servo motors and fill sterile and non-sterile. Touch screens with graphic display ensure uncomplicated control and operation of the devices, and the wear-free servo motors also operate long-lasting and reliably. Optima's range includes screw fillers for automatic, non-sterile as well as sterile filling and the machines are suitable for classic consumer applications but also for the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Further information and technical data on our screw feeders can also be found on the individual product pages.

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OPTIMA Auger Filler Solutions

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There are new product innovations almost every day, especially in the world of cosmetics. The flexible handling of our auger fillers makes them perfect for the filling and dosing of powdery or granular cosmetic products including powders.

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We also continue the development of our volumetric and gravimetric systems for the filling of chemical products here at OPTIMA Consumer. Why? Because the advantages are distinct; Auger fillers protect the product and guarantee high output, performance, and filling accuracy for dry and granular chemicals in the consumer sectors such as care products, cleaning agents, and detergents.

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Optima is your first point of contact for innovative and future-proof packaging technology and packaging machines in the food and consumer goods sector. Our filling systems comply with modern standards and guarantee the reliable, economical, and exact filling of liquid and dry food. It also applies to auger feeders from Optima, which take over the hygienic, uncomplicated filling of powdery and granular products.

These augers work as a closed system. All of the internal components that have direct contact with the product, such as the dosing auger, are made of stainless steel or food-grade plastics, making them very easy to clean. It ensures fast product conversion and easy integration into state-of-the-art packaging technology. Auger filling machines are ideal for filling traditional consumer products such as coffee, baby milk powder, instant products, nutritional supplements, spices, and cereals.

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Optima Pharma offers an innovative machine program for the filling and packaging of sterile liquids and powders in disposable syringes, vials, infusion bottles, and capsules. It also includes sterile auger feeder systems that offer accurate and reliable gravimetric and volumetric dosing while still being very economical. Optima's interlocking range of machines, including isolators and freeze-drying equipment, gives you an unbeatable advantage for filling and packaging your pharmaceutical products. You can rely on us:

- Safe application and particularly gentle working processes
- High-quality equipment and the best results in sterile work
- Maximum process reliability
- The highest level of process reliability
- Easy handling of devices

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