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Honest packaging for a functioning circular economy

We understand sustainability to mean long-term corporate management that is based on partnership and conserves resources. Our goal is to preserve the world for future generations. Sustainable production, filling and packaging along the entire value chain – this is what our central sustainability strategy "We care for tomorrow" stands for. With it, we want to become holistically excellent in the areas of environment, social affairs and corporate management. Our strategy is based on three pillars.

Circular Packaging: Together with you, we develop honest packaging solutions that enable a functioning circular economy. Our vision is that packaging materials can be reused again and again for the same packaging without any loss of quality (cradle-to-cradle principle). Sustainable Technology: We design your machinery and equipment to be as resource-efficient as possible. Corporate Sustainability: Optima is committed to ecological, fair and long-term successful business practices. We are already guided today by the UN Global Compact, the world's largest and most important initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate governance, and external assessment systems such as Ecovadis.
Sustainable Technology
Sustainable Technology
Development of resource-saving machine solutions taking into account the entire life cycle.
Circular Packaging
Circular Packaging
Development of sustainable packaging solutions for a functioning circular economy.
Corporate Sustainability
Corporate Sustainability
Optima is committed to ecological, fair and long-term successful business practices.
“Optima is an important strategic partner for the development of new paper machine sections to produce highly formable packaging base papers.”

Johann Moser, Senior Vice President Strategic Technology, Voith Group

OPTIMA and Voith establish development partnership

Partnership for the development of sustainable paper packaging solutions

The objective of the alliance is to develop sustainable paper packaging solutions. It is the first time that two companies from different phases in the supply chain will be working together on developing environmentally compatible alternatives to plastic packaging.

The two partners are working together to find the best solutions for the future.

“In many areas, we see untapped potential for paper packaging and are looking forward to the close collaboration with Voith,”
Dominik Bröllochs - Group Sustainability Manager, OPTIMA packaging group

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Johann Moser, Senior Vice President Strategic Technology, Voith Group & Dominik Bröllochs, Group Sustainability Manager, OPTIMA packaging group

Sustainable machine solutions are the future

Conserve resources, optimize efficiency

Our machine solutions are also making a contribution to sustainable development. We are pushing ahead with solutions and developing our activities in a responsible and economically successful manner. Here at Optima, this means contributing to the quality of life while reducing the consumption of resources and emissions that are associated with our value creation. At Optima, we understand that sustainable management is a shared social responsibility. In other words, we are not the only ones looking to reduce our environmental footprint. We also aim to mobilize our partners to make contributions to sustainability. We are aware that this is a never-ending process that needs to have its roots in the company's DNA and put into practice every day by every single employee.
Saving energy
We have reduced energy consumption by 38 percent through the use of cutting-edge sealing technology. One of the key focuses of our new machine development is energy reduction.
Small footprint
Production space

Compact design enables our customers to double their output per square meter of production area. At the same time, production areas can become considerably smaller. An example of this is the OPTIMA EGS. The footprint of this machine has been reduced by over 40 percent.

efficient use of media
Efficient use of mediums
During production, it is important to make the most efficient use of the mediums used, such as gases and water. We have reduced the use of inert gases to a minimum. Furthermore, for instance, highly optimized CIP systems ensure that today a mere 70% of the previous amount of CIP water is used.
Highest levels of availability
Smart services maximize our machines' availability and reveal any production vulnerabilities. This reduces needless downtime, which makes production more sustainable.
Process accuracy
Process accuracy

Our high-precision "topping-up" dosing process reduces underfilling and overfilling of packages to an absolute minimum, thereby achieving an increase in output of 500,000 cans per year.

Extend life cycle
Maximizing life cycles

Our OPTIMA Total Care life cycle management program maximizes machine life. For instance, predictive maintenance can be used to make full use of the maximum service life of parts subject to wear. Rebuilding and overhaul programs mean that the equipment can be adapted to meet market needs, without having to be completely replaced.

Machine recycling
Sustainable machine recycling

Correct recycling of machinery makes a major contribution to resource conservation. Therefore, as a manufacturer, we offer the option of ending the life cycle of the machine sustainably upon request and returning the individual parts to the material flows in a professional manner – thus benefiting the environment.

Packaging utilization
Utilization of packaging material
The optimal utilization of packaging materials is a key aspect of sustainability and TCO considerations. We increase material utilization by 39 percent by optimizing the configuration of die cutting modules.


Leading by example

As a family-owned company, we consider ourselves to be especially committed to ecological, fair and successful long-term management. 

  • Lawful
  • Fair
  • Ethical
  • Protection of environment and nature
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Sustainable management
  • Transparency
  • Local and regional value creation

UN Sustainable Development Goals

A milestone in integrating environmental and development efforts

Sustainable Development Goals

At the 2015 World Summit on Sustainable Development held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the 17 "Sustainable Development Goals" were accordingly adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. As a responsible mechanical engineering company, Optima is able to contribute to seven of these goals.

How OPTIMA supports the sustainability goals
No poverty
Worldwide, Optima offers secure jobs with appropriate rates of pay and comprehensive social benefits. With our training programs, we promote the knowledge of our staff around the world.
Zero hunger

Optima's innovative filling and packaging concepts ensure a long shelf life for products, which means that they can be distributed worldwide. Through our packaging, Optima wants to provide all people with access to food in sufficient quantities.

Health and well-being

Both essential products and everyday consumer goods are produced and packaged to the highest standards by our machines.

High quality education
Extensive staff training opportunities are available. Optima employs above-average numbers of trainees, students and interns, and we offer them high-quality training.
Decent work and economic growth

We are a family-owned company, so at Optima our staff and sustainable business practices are particularly important to us. Our workforce is the keystone of our success.

Sustainable consumption and production
For example, we promote sustainable production through the efficient use of materials on the machine. Computer simulations and our expertise mean that we can reduce test materials used in test operations. Our commitment is also completed by the correct recycling of end-of-life machines and by extending our machines' life cycles.
Climate protection measures
New machines are designed with sustainability in mind. We consistently use renewable energy. By making generous use of mobile work, digital communication formats and services, we reduce our travel and hence our CO2 emissions.

Sustainably certified

Transparent, honest and traceable

Here at Optima, we value honesty and transparency. This is how we engage with our customers in projects, and the way we handle the issue of sustainability. Four certifications ensure that our commitment is transparent and understandable, and these are no accident: 100% of our electricity is from certified hydroelectric power. Our buildings are heated in an environmentally friendly manner using existing geothermal energy or regional district heating. The electricity from our system of solar panels is fed into the electricity network. Optima practices successful waste management. This includes waste reduction and separation, our own recycling center and waste separation concepts in the office and assembly areas. We rigorously avoid disposable tableware and have reduced the use of test materials with computer simulations. The jewel in the crown of our commitment is the planting of a flower meadow to provide a habitat for bees and insects. Our next major project: in the medium term, we are converting the vehicles in our fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles.
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