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Cutting machine operator (m/f/d)

Do you have an eye for detail? Then cutting machine operator is exactly the right profession for you! Machines consist of many components that must be manufactured with extreme precision - otherwise the equipment will not work or will soon break down. As a cutting machine operator, you manufacture such parts with millimeter precision or even greater precision.

3 ½ years
Vocational School Öhringen
Cutting machine operators
  • Manufacture high-precision individual parts from various materials and inspect them using very precise measuring equipment
  • Operate computer-controlled machine tools, which they control using programs they have created themselves
  • Adhere precisely to specified dimensions and tolerances in accordance with the specified drawing
  • Secondary school leaving certificate (with two-year vocational school as an advantage) or intermediate school leaving certificate
  • Technical understanding
  • Craftsmanship
  • Diligence
  • Logical thinking
  • Important subjects: German, mathematics, physics and technology
Apprentice at a machine
Apprentice with employee
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Heike Brenner
Apprenticeship and school internships, available in the mornings
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