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The perfect packaging machine! It increases efficiency, raises productivity and reduces costs

Packaging is an economic factor for the sales, durability and handling of a product. The more sophisticated and innovative a product, the more complex the requirements for the respective packaging, the corresponding packaging technology and the executing and often automatic packaging. For many manufacturers, it is often a great challenge to find the right packaging machine for a specific product.

OPTIMA – an international manufacturer of packaging machines

As a leading manufacturer of automatic packaging machines, OPTIMA packaging group GmbH located in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, designs, develops and implements state-of-the-art, fully automated packaging machines and individual solutions for customers, manufacturers and companies in the pharmaceutical, life science, consumer (food, cosmetics, chemical) and nonwoven (paper hygiene) sectors. With over 90 years of experience, each of our
packaging machines can be tailored to our customers' needs. The engineering of packaging machines, equipment, technologies and innovations from Optima International are considered to be leading in many areas of this industry.
Packaging Machine from Optima Nonwovens

When it comes to packaging technology, numerous companies and manufacturers trust us in the following areas:

  • Consumer: Machines and packaging equipment for filling, packaging and sealing food, confectionery,  beverages, cosmetics and chemicals. Among
    other things, Optima machines process and package powdered, granulated, pasty and liquid substances easily and reliably into various packaging solutions.
  • Pharmaceutical: Packaging machines for the filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products as sterile and non-sterile liquids, as well as compact systems for the packaging of powdered products in the entire pharmaceutical sector.
  • Nonwoven: Machines for the packaging and processing of packaging solutions in the field of paper hygiene products. For example, the packaging of diapers or sanitary napkins in film bags with the help of reliable bagging machines.
  • Life Science: Packaging machines and equipment for the production and packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products as well as machines for coating for immunoassays (ELISA kits).
Turnkey System from Optima Pharma

The right solution for every product

Our product portfolio in packaging technology includes numerous highly specialized and fully automatic equipment, systems and packaging machines for packaging, filling and production. In addition, we manufacture complete packaging lines and turn-key systems.

In the field of secondary packaging, other compact and automatic packaging machines, cartoners and batch packing machines bring our extensive machine program full circle. Due to the high degree of specialization, our machines are individually configurable according to customer requirements. Therefore, our machines are able to serve the numerous requirements and packaging solutions of our customers and manufacturers with innovation and

Operating worldwide


Made in Germany

High-tech machines

A range of packaging machines from OPTIMA

Expertise on many levels and applications combined – a unique offer on the market

OPTIMA pharma packaging machine for pharmaceutical products
Filling and Closing Machine OPTIMA Moduline for liquid, pasty and powdery products, Detail 3
Nonwovens - OPTIMA HS2 Stacker
"There may be mechanical engineering companies that are significantly larger, but there are very few that offer a comparable diversity of technologies."
Hans Bühler, CEO

OPTIMA Total Care

Our system for your safety

As a manufacturer and company, you benefit from our comprehensive OPTIMA Total Care portfolio, which is very flexible and supports you through a variety of services at all stages of your work with our packaging machines. Combined with our worldwide service network for packaging machines and systems, we can adapt to your needs successfully and individually. Our consultants and packaging specialists support each manufacturer individually and in all aspects of a project for efficient packaging throughout the entire life cycle of a system – in planning, commissioning, during production and beyond. We are always focused on the needs, goals and success of our customers.

You can rely on our expertise and optimized adapted service for your system at any time andin every phase of your work with an Optima packaging machine.

OPTIMA Total Care - Project Phase

OPTIMA Total Care - Project Phase

  • Installation & Start up – We guide you from the planning to the commissioning of your system
  • Qualification Support – We match your packaging machine perfectly to the requirements of your quality assurance specifications
  • Instruction & Training – Before commissioning, we offer you comprehensive and qualified training

OPTIMA Total Care - Ramp-up Phase

OPTIMA Total Care - Ramp-up Phase

  • Ramp-up support – An Optima expert will assist you during the complete start-up and production phase.
  • Remote Support & Hotline - The OPTIMA Remote Service is available to you for fast and reliable remote support


OPTIMA Total Care - Production Phase

  • Spare Part Service – The right spare part are always at hand
  • Calibration Service – Regular calibration for the perfect results
  • Formats –We use the most current formats and often do not require any tools for the exchange of part.
  • Personal On-Site Support – Our experts at your location
  • Maintenance Service – Customized maintenance concepts to fit your unique needs
  • Process & Efficiency Optimization – Analyze, plan and increase performance
  • Retrofit & Upgrades - Upgrade existing equipment instead of buying new

The digitalization of packaging machines

The successful collaboration of high tech and the art of engineering: Industry 4.0.

Automatic packaging machines for the food, pharmaceutical, non-woven and life science sectors of OPTIMA packaging group GmbH use state-of-the-art technology, reliable systems and solutions for almost every task in modern product packaging. Made in Germany, always state of the art, with trained and motivated employees, global support and comprehensive services, we are your trusted manufacturer and supplier.