Smart Services
Intelligent Production Assistance Services
With our digital solutions, you maintain an overview of your production and identify potential for improvement, access knowledge about the machine at any time, increase the availability and receive fast and direct support when needed.
Knowledge Transfer

Digital access to knowledge. The right information, at the right time, anywhere.


Manufacturing Intelligence

The optimal overview. Data makes your production transparent and reveals where improvements can be made. 

Maintenance Support

The highest availability through efficient maintenance. Digitally optimized maintenance maximizes plant availability.

Smart Assistance

Direct support in any situation with digital tools. Get back into production quickly with optimal and fast assistance. 


The right information, at the right time, anywhere.

Knowledge Transfer

The basis of your digital success? Knowledge! Our digital services in the field of knowledge transfer give you access to knowledge at any time, anywhere. For example, about your machines‘ spare parts and important functions. Thus saving a lot of time.

Virtual engineering prepares you for an optimal start to production. Digital training for your machine operators also helps. Videos and simulations help your staff become real systems experts.

Knowledge Transfer

Asset Information

Quickly identify and order parts

The digital 3D spare parts catalog allows you to maneuver a visual representation of the equipment, identify the part you need quickly and easily then order it from Optima Service. A major advantage compared to paper catalogs is that the information is always completely up to date. 
There are also links to circuit diagrams, format change instructions and technical documents of all kinds.

  • Save time on identifying and ordering parts
  • Retrieve important information with ease
  • Parts information is always up to date
  • Comprehensive support for your staff

Virtual Engineering

Optimizing system design at an early stage
Using virtual machine models, we simulate important processes long before your machine is built. This way, you can identify where there is a need for optimization - for example regarding the accessibility of your system. Early modifications minimize costs and time-to-market. Another benefit is that acceptance can be done virtually and documented, upon request.
  • Optimal integration into production
  • Time savings in the project phase
  • Savings on travel costs
  • Visual documentation (video) of the FAT

Digital Training

Train staff quickly and efficiently
New employees should be able to familiarize themselves with your system functions as quickly as possible. Digital training achieves this. Simulations and instruction videos help to make the first days of using the machine easier, save a lot of time and give a quick and intuitive initial overview. Above all, it gives your employees a sense of achievement.
  • Time saved during training
  • Quick and intuitive overview
  • Happy employees
  • Detailed instructions


With data, your production becomes transparent and potentials for improvement becomes visible.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Data makes your production transparent and reveals where improvements can be made. At Optima, Manufacturing Intelligence stands for smart software tools that facilitate smart data aggregation, so you can see the status of production at a glance . This means you can track your production targets round the clock and optimize the overall efficiency of the system. This significantly increases system availability.

You decide the extent of your data analysis! We offer individual software solutions, from data analysis and successful data management to cross-vendor monitoring of entire production lines.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Line Management

Gather and analyze production data

In Optima‘s Line Management System, OPAL process management, collects production data such as downtimes, alarms and quantity counters, and on this basis generates key figures such as the overall system efficiency, OEE. It also offers the possibility of carrying out detailed analysis, and complex production lines can be easily networked across manufacturers.

  • Illustration of production workflows
  • Interfaces to MES/ERP systems
  • Visualization of key figures
  • Control of complex lines

Data Management Data Management

Data Management

Gather and analyze data
Effective data management is the basis of analysis. Data management offers the advantages of secure data collection, tracking of individual products and identification of trends. In addition, processes can be video-monitored and analyzed in detail during machine downtimes.
  • Easy production monitoring
  • Detection of trends, process analysis
  • Fast failure analysis
  • Rapid fault analysis

Data Analytics

Optimize plant efficiency
Our experts carry out a detailed evaluation of your machine data and give you precise recommendations for action to take in order to optimize production on the basis of substantiated analysis.
  • High quality production data analysis
  • Concrete recommended courses of action
  • Increase in systems availability
  • Best possible optimization of your production


The highest level of availability thanks to efficient maintenance.

Maintenance Support

Maintenance is the basis of successful and stable manufacturing. That‘s why Maintenance Support offers you digital services which give you the freedom to implement customized maintenance strategies and continuously monitor machine status (preventive maintenance). Upon request, they also make predictive maintenance possible and can notify you about maintenance requirements in advance.

Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you find your own customized maintenance concept. Cycles, maintenance, regular cross checks e.g. lubrication, maintenance (spare part kit e.g. gasket)

Maintenance Support
Maintenance Support Maintenance Support

Preventive Maintenance

Plan maintenance ahead of time
The WeMaintain maintenance guide allows you to plan maintenance schedules in advance (preventive maintenance) and, if desired, Optima can provide the necessary spare parts packages at the right time (cycle-based). Condition-based preventive maintenance is based on software tools that monitor your system and alert you to incipient wear. Step by step digital instructions quickly and safely guide you through the maintenance process.
  • Simple maintenance management
  • Standardized maintenance documentation
  • Optimization of the maintenance strategy
  • Support via condition monitoring monitoring of components)

Predictive Maintenance

Carry out maintenance when it is needed
Replace parts only when necessary, thereby minimizing maintenance costs. This is possible with predictive maintenance. Continuous live data analysis identifies parts that are subject to wear. This way, service life is optimally exploited and spare parts can be procured just-in-time.
  • Maximum use of component lifetime
  • Just-in-time planning of replacement parts
  • No warehousing costs for spare parts
  • Efficient processes


Direct support in all situations using digital tools.

Smart Assistance

At Optima, the future of service has been around for a while. Our service experts will provide round-the-clock support anywhere in the world for process problems with our Smart Assistance service portfolio – right at the machine. You are safely guided through a format change by step-by-step instructions.

All you need is a mobile device like a smartphone, a tablet or augmented reality glasses. You benefit from minimized travel costs, and receive direct, simple and fast support.

Smart Assistance

Remote Support

Connect with Optima Service quickly and easily
With Remote Support, our service experts are always by your side. Together, we will find a solution that meets your particular challenge, whether via VPN remote maintenance or an audiovisual consultation at the machine using a mobile device.
  • Remote maintenance access via VPN
  • Audiovisual link to service
  • Use of smartphone, tablet or hololens

Digital Training Digital Training

Changeover Support

Master format changes with ease
Would you like to have more security when changing formats? Changeover Support helps you achieve your goals quickly and safely. Step-by-step instructions simplify restarting and minimize downtime.
  • Guided format changes
  • Increase in systems availability
  • Standardized processes
  • Support for untrained staff

Operation Support

Correct errors quickly and directly
If alarms are triggered, things need to go fast. Operation Support guides machine operators quickly and directly to the source of the error and provides them with the information they need. This means that you can get back into production as quickly as possible and are prepared for any eventuality.
  • Rapid rectification of errors
  • High level of availability due to rapid identification of errors
  • Visualization of documents for troubleshooting

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