On the safe side with OPTIMA

Highest safety in mechanical engineering with cutting edge technology - For the absolute protection of your production

On the safe side with OPTIMA

Highest safety in mechanical engineering with cutting edge technology - For the absolute protection of your production

The highest security level for your machine network

A development partnership with LANCOM Systems, the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions

The issue of cybersecurity is more relevant today than ever before. The number of attacks on companies is growing every day. The statistics say that in 2021, 46 percent of companies in Germany were hit by a cyberattack. This makes protecting computer systems and networks more important than ever. That is why we are giving the highest priority to this issue. Working in a development partnership with LANCOM Systems, we have developed a new type of VPN solution, one that is unique in the marketplace.

  • Secure encrypted connections (SSL-VPN) between service technician and machine network at the customer's site
  • Temporary rules-based connection between edge firewall in the machine network and OPTIMA service technician
  • Comprehensive and transparent monitoring of the connections
  • Activation/deactivation of access via a key switch on the machine by the customer
  • Standardised alignment with Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) reference architecture

The gatekeeper for your machine network

Secure protection against unauthorized access

Network architecture

Optima service technicians can remotely access your machines in a secure and direct way across the firewalls, using encrypted VPN tunnels. This allows configurations to be changed and error messages to be verified. Through the use of SSL Inspection and Deep Packet Inspection Pace, scanning, filtering and application detection can be applied to encrypted data packets, and security specifications can be successfully implemented. Simultaneously, all data traffic from Optima to your networks is logged via the LANCOM Management Cloud, thereby enabling detailed monitoring. As a result, VPN remote maintenance is reliably and securely monitored.

On site, the firewall becomes the "gatekeeper" for the machine network. It regulates and reduces communication with the systems. The machine network is subdivided into several network segments. When the individual segments are accessed, the firewall verifies the authorization each time. In the same way as an entrance control, "access" into the corresponding area is either denied or approved. This means that your machine network is optimally protected against unauthorized access. In addition, you can connect or disconnect the VPN tunnel at any time, using an external access control in the form of a physical key switch.

"What we have developed together is a solution that is entirely unique in the marketplace. Currently, such a high level of security for machines and systems can only be obtained with Optima and LANCOM Systems."

Dr. Benjamin Häfner, Head of Industrial IT at Optima
Markus Irle (left) and Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Häfner

Excellent safety

Award-winning successes that are worth seeing

With LANCOM, we have a partner at our side that has won several awards for its expertise and is a member of various associations for IT security. We build on this experience and thus jointly improve our services.
Champion Virtual Private Network
Champion Network Management & Monitoring
Preferred Vendor Award: Networks

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