Your O-COM pharma July 2021

Dear readers,

The past months have shown that anything can be achieved with close and reliable partnerships. We have completed filling systems for the leading COVID-19 vaccines for our customers all over the world in record time, and we have commissioned them as quickly as possible. This has only been possible with close cooperation and your trust.
Thank you!

In this issue of o-com, you can read about how Optima gives you a head start in the market. Our CSPE process and a whole host of turnkey skills enable us to get complex pharmaceutical systems into production as quickly as possible. Our successful CSPE concept has proven itself. With the valuable insights gained, we are already developing CSPE 2.0 with interested customers. At the Schwaebisch Hall site, we are also building a second CSPE Center. Only those who use leading technology can take the lead. In our success stories, we present a new innovation project that develops production solutions for cell therapeutics, take you on a journey around the world and share with you the exciting projects that, together with our partners, we have implemented worldwide.

Stay well and positive.


Gerhard Breu
Chairman, Optima Pharma Division