Multi Packer OPTIMA MP3

Promotional actions and combo or jumbo packages are the main applications of multi-pack packages, which offer versatility and flexibility. The package containing several individual sales units is designed specifically to enable the sale to the final consumer.
  • Developed to meet the need for the formation of promotional packages (combos)
  • Pre-fabricated bag that can be transparent, with printing and carrying handle on the bottom
  • Main drives per servomotor
  • Grouping of simple automation or with robotic anthropomorphic system, allowing high flexibility in a wide variety of products and configuration of final multipack.
  • Great finish of the final package, with side fold and sealing similar to the primary package.
  • Disposable product packages (diapers, absorbent, wipes, napkins, rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, etc.).
Production Output: up to 40 Packages/min
Single product dimensions: min. 60 mm x 60 mm x 45 mm
Single product dimensions: max. 345 mm x 320 mm x 130 mm
Secondary Package Size: min. 80 mm x 130 mm x 160 mm
Secondary Package Size: max. 180 mm x 500 mm x 560 mm
Package Infeed Rate: up to 200 Packages/min
  • Easy handling
  • Quick and easy change-over
  • Easy and safe supply of bags by hand
  • Possibility of grouping in multiple queues, lines and layers
up to 40 Packages/min
Production Output
max. 180 mm x 500 mm x 560 mm
Secondary Package Size
up to 200 Packages/min
Package Infeed Rate