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We care for people
We care for people
As a solution and system provider for the most complex production and packaging challenges, we are used to adapting flexibly to new situations. Customer-specific solutions are the DNA of Optima. That is why we support you in these difficult times with our know-how, highly flexible machine solutions, virtual machine acceptance tests and digital services. Let us work together to ensure the availability of urgently needed goods.

Filling and Closing Machines for Diagnostic Test Kits

OPTIMA ImmuFill® – Filling and Closing Machine for Diagnostic Bottles and Vials

Currently, PCR test kits for testing for SARS-CoV-2 are in particularly high demand. The reagents can be filled using the OPTIMA ImmuFill®. The filling and closing system is precisely tailored to the requirements of diagnostic companies.

PCR Test Kits used e.g. for corona tests
OPTIMA ImmuFill®
OPTIMA ImmuFill®

OPTIMA Linoline, Flexofill and Contiline –
Filling and Closing Machines for a Wide Range of Diagnostic Containers

OPTIMA Linoline, Flexofill and Contiline - Filling and Closing Machines for a Wide Range of Diagnostic Containers
OPTIMA Linoline, OPTIMA Flexofill und OPTIMA Contiline
7 For Siemens Healthineers – Interview about the Mega Project

Seven systems, consisting of six lines and a closing machine, are currently under development for Siemens Healthineers and are being installed step by step on two continents.

Manufacturing and Packaging Solutions for Respiratory Masks

Safe and Hygienic Production and Packaging of Masks

FFP breathing mask
Packaging Solutions for Disposable Protective Masks

Fully automated systems
Manufacturing machine for FFP breathing masks

In the production of FFP respiratory masks with protection classes from 1 to 3 (N95 standard, with and without valve), we can support you with suitable machine solutions. The fully automatic systems enable you to flexibly produce 250 to 300 products per minute while maintaining strict hygiene standards.

From the entry-level machine to the high-speed solution
Packaging solutions for disposable protective masks

To meet the demand for safe and hygienic packaging of protective masks worldwide, we are currently adapting our proven packaging systems to meet the requirements of protective masks. Whether in bags or cartons we have a variety of semi and fully automatic machines in our portfolio.

Manufacturing machine for FFP masks
Packaging solution for disposable protective masks

Filling Machines for Disinfectants

Increase Production Capacity in the Short Term

Maximum Flexibility
The need for disinfectants is higher than ever before due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, a high degree of flexibility in production is currently of crucial importance. Companies in the cosmetics industry are converting their production at short notice and are now filling disinfectants with the OPTIMA Moduline instead of cosmetic liquids. Let us eliminate production bottlenecks together. 
OPTIMA Moduline
OPTIMA Moduline

Respiratory Filter for Ventilators

Securing Vital Resources

Respiratory filter for ventilators
Ventilation equipment is considered to be existential for severely ill Covid-19 patients. However, the stock is currently limited. Optima has been designing production and packaging solutions for filters for many years - both individual machines and complex turnkey systems.

Filling Machines for Vaccines and Drugs for Therapies

Ensure worldwide availability

Proven Machine Program for Liquids

Optima Pharma offers an innovative range of machines for filling and packaging sterile liquids and powders in disposable syringes, vials, infusion bottles and cartridges - for both vaccines and therapeutic drugs. Isolators and freeze-drying systems complete the portfolio.

Packaging Machines for Toilet Paper

Responding Flexibly to Shifts in Demand

Toilet paper
Producing at High Speed
Optima helps paper hygiene producers to respond effectively to the increased demand for toilet paper. 


There for you Around the Clock

As the Covid-19 outbreak unfolds, our commitment to providing best support to your production has never been more important. No more than ever we are here for you with all of our service specialists & engineers. 

This is achieved with the digital service portfolio "Smart Assistance". This includes, for example, the Remote Assist. With this, our service supports you with the help of your own mobile devices when changing formats or process problems. To ensure that your production remains efficient, Optima offers this new technology free of charge in this time of crisis. Get started today!

Remote Assist

Secures your Production

Remote Assist

With our digital service Remote Assist you can ensure the availability and efficiency of your machines. Support is available live and directly on all mobile devices and your staff becomes experts for your machines. 

Live-Support with Augemented Reality (AR)

Your Benefits

  • Quick elimination of disturbing issues
  • Fast & efficient help
  • Online troubleshooting
  • Maximize your efficiency
  • No software installation required

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